A Nation where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police!
                   A nation where you get Car Loan @ 6% but Education Loan @ 12%!
                   A nation where Rice is Rs.4 but Sim card is Rs.10!
A nation where people standing at a tea stall reading an article in a newspaper about child labour can be heard saying “Yaar, bacchho se kaam karwane walo ko to faansi pe chadha dena chaahiye” (People who use child labour should be hanged) and then they shout “Oye, CHHOTU 3 chai la!” (Hey Chhotu, get us three teas – Chhotu being a nickname for a young boy and used as a surrogate for β€˜waiter’).

This was a mail, I recieved after the PETROL PRICE HIKE by the great government of INDIA ( PUN INTENDED), which set my brain into the THINKING MODE. 
Another petrol hike seemed as if one more normal day in the country, but this time the limits were crossed. A fricking 7.50 Rs increase is not a joke. In the end it is the Mango people who have to suffer , not the government officials who sit in Air conditioned offices, travel in style and watch INDIA burn under the constantly rising inflation. 
Tempers running high across the whole nation, and the government plans to roll back the prices by 2-3 Rs. Still the overall price does rise by 5Rs. Well played ,Mr. Manmohan Singhji well played.

The so called aam aadmi’s UPA govt is celebrating its 3years rule by crushing the commonman by an abnormal increase in the price of petrol.Already the prices of essential comodites are very high.There will be further abnormal price hike. 

What is happening in this country? Social networking sites are being controlled, websites are being banned, corruption is on an all time high, inflation rising exponentially day by day, the cattle class being made to face the burnt.

 The government probably thinks that after electing them, the people have given them the right to do whatever the hell they want to, not giving a damn about them, and carrying on the way they want to.
 The petrol price hike sure seems an example of such dictatorship.

After the petrol price hike, the youngsters were surely agitated and took to social networking sites to express out their anger.

A few of them:Petrol Pump Attendant : Saab, Kitne ka daaloon? Customer : 2-4 Rupye ka car ke upar spray kar de bhai. Aag lagani hai

The days are not too far, when my take home salary won’t be enough to take me home ! 

UPA to Launch New Dish β–Ί “Fried Common Man” (Fried in pure Petroleum Products)

Incredible India, Amazing India – we have the world’s cheapest car and the worlds costliest petrol..:

Harbhajan to Dhoni: Hum to Jaanboojh ke match haare Pata hai,jeetne waali team ko jo Volkswagen mil rahi hai,woh petrol ki hai

Daughter-Maa, but he is just a friend. Maa -V hav seen da world honey!Some1 who burns 2 litres of petrol to meet u can’t just be a friend.

 Yesterday petroleum minister must have drank thumps up and said Aaj Kuch tufani karte hai .

Some pics πŸ˜€

A DETAILED REVIEW –petrol hike

Do post your views πŸ™‚


30 thoughts on “peTROLLED

  1. A nice post, you let all your anger and distress out, got your frustrations out with the use of pictures, and the jokes that has been going around since last night.But contradictory to the this, I think this is necessary. Yeah, the price hike was necessary.

  2. Hey Harshal!Not sure why but there are some html type tags appearing in the post – am I the only one seeing it?So, does this mean you didn't like the 10% price hike? πŸ˜›

  3. @Harshal: No, but to balance the losing strength of rupee. Few months back, only if the politicians (opposition particularly) had passed the FDI in retail bill, this situation wouldn't have arised. The opposition deliberately didn't passed the bill, so that they could get another excuse to defame the congress.

  4. @Ritvik- How can increasing the burden on common man ease the strength of ruppee??Congress is olready defamed. Whatever they are doing, is defaming them even more

  5. Yaa its so true!! Its realy not done !! The goverment should do sumthing about this but ofcourse the history will repeat n the dumb goverment will just speak abt improving things but will not implement is for sure !!

  6. Rice is sold at Rs 30 not Rs 4 in general, which is for BPL families. Wheat is rotting in godowns, rupee is depreciating, whereas RBI is helpless it says.

  7. Rice is sold at Rs 30 not Rs 4 in general, which is for BPL families. Wheat is rotting in godowns, rupee is depreciating, whereas RBI is helpless it says.

  8. @deguide-Sorry for the blooper. I just copy-pasted the mail. I stand corrected now.THank you.What are your views on this? Is RBI really helpless, or is it just one of the excuses?

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