I once stood bewildered upon a stone
watching the sol drown over horizon
I let myself fly,
I know I would never cry,
Having you standing by.

The moment I see you smile,
the world becomes a better place.
Hearing you laugh
melts out every possible pain I ever had.
Those glowing cheeks that blow up
everytime you smile
makes my heart skip a beat.
In your eyes I am lost
And in your soul I wish to be a ghost
So I can stay there forever,
and travel with you everywhere.

Everyday, ever night.
I long for your presence
and linger in your essence.

You stole my heart, my mind and my soul
You took the main role.
As I stand with you
your fingers interlocked with mine
I cannot help but wonder
How can a stranger somehow be
the most glorified person of my life?


5 thoughts on “you..!!

  1. @raj- thanks a lot. Since I am new to the blogging world, I am trying my hands at different genres.I would surely like to read yours. COuld you link it to me?

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