Evening Sunset closes by..!!!

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Courtesy- Curious Dino

Strolling in the shadow of dusky light
Orange hue above a beautiful sight
People in watching, all quiet alone
Afraid of no warning or gentle atone

Balmy breeze of autumn fading away
waves gushing across the shore
The mighty sun drowning in the ocean
As young heads play with sparkling water
The old ones sit and watchthe palm trees that bend over beautifully

Whispering grass, musty and sweet.
Fragrance of flowers, odors of peat
Shimmering gold from the trees
In the evening sunset, close of the day
A wise owl that hoots, has nothing to say
Peaceful and tranquil now hazing away
Such wonderful sights to end a day.

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Credits Image – Shades of Orange by Harsha ChittarCourtesy – Curious Dino Photography via www.blogaton.in

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19 thoughts on “Evening Sunset closes by..!!!

  1. Beautiful poem, Harshal.. it brings out images, yes. But it'd have been so much better, if you had kept the rhyme in the second verse too. The rhythm that one gets when reading out the first verse, is lost in the second.. (P.S: Typo still there, and typo in your reply to Menachery too. Shouldn't it be "soon"? šŸ˜‰ )Leo – My Blog-a-Ton Story

  2. @Leo- Thanks a lot for the compliments. And regarding the typos, I guess I just need to look more at my keyboard while typing. Thanks again for the input and coming by.@Deepa- THanks a lot for the wishes as well as the compliments.

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