Teenager’s Point on Marriage.

It was a regular day for me. Returning from college, throwing my backpack on the sofa, rushing upstairs with my food to find solace with my laptop and the blogging world, I was introduced to 3 months ago by a dear friend. Slowly, the addiction of FaceBook tranformed into Blogger, WordPress, IndiBlogger and BlogAdda. Getting back to that day, I quickly opened up the tabs to these sites, and

 A new competition, that too on the most hotly debated topic of Marriage: Love Ya Arranged.

Man, I am going to love this one.I was super excited to write about this one especially. But slowly thinking about it, the ideas shelved out.

GRRRRR!!!!! Being a teenager, I considered the whole marriage thing being pretty vague. At every wedding that I attended, I used to think, Aww man!! Another wedding. How can spend their entire lifetime being with a single person, and throw a bash for it? Bore nahi ho jaenge log? Even though I used to love attend wedding cause of the lip-smacking delicacies they had. Still, making a decision to spend a lifetime with a SINGLE PERSON, and throwing a party for two days, calling all the relatives, friends, colleagues etc is quite strange. That is quite the courage people show. But well this has been going on for generations.People have been eating tasty food, celebrating with all their might, sometimes getting broke paying for the party. But hell!!! They still enjoy it.

So to write about this, I needed something and GOOGLE never has in my entire life disappointed me.
So googling MARRIAGE, the first mainly consisted of shaadi.com, jeevansaathi.com, times matrimony.com. So a basic fact was cleared in my mind. Arrange marriage is a big HIT in INDIA. And it is proving to be woprking too. I mean, one can see your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and all, living together for more than a generation, and enjoying it also. So trying a different search engine this time, I looked into 9gag for some detail and humour. Yeah I get that 9GAG isn’t the perfect place to search, but I found some pretty good humour there. A few excerpts are:

Getting away from humour, and turning into love marriage. I was like HELLOOOO!! You people are also getting married. Be it love or arranged. Occupying this earth for only 17 years, the love I have seen around is mostly in TV SHOWS, MOVIES, a few high-schoolers who promise to be together forever. pass on few texts, have chubby-chubby conversations, and when the time for college come, make a fake lie of being together and having a long-distance conversation which fizzles out, BREAKING UP and then finding someone else in their college itself. Even though the idea of love seems fascinating at first, trust me friends, grass is not green on the other side, it is grey.

I have noticed very few examples of couples being in love and staying together for the whole life. I see records being broken for the shortest love marriages day by day, whereas the old INDIAN FORMULA of ARRANGED MARRIAGE stays strong like the AMBUJA CEMENT. I dont know which marriage is better, but my advice to all those people marrying: BOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Abhi bhi time hai TATA TEA piyo, aur jaag jao. And if you are forced to marry by your parents, go for the girl/boy they choose. It’s the tested and trusted formula for years. After all, getting bitten by snake unfortunately is more fortunate then inviting it to bite you.


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