Sep 2 Haiku- Hopes


Hope for a better day

times will surely change their way

luck will come your way.


Raising people

from the ashes of

broken dreams.


The way we parted

I have no hope left

to trust someone.


Wait for the moment

A better time is coming

your hope is not wasted.


6 thoughts on “Sep 2 Haiku- Hopes

  1. Nice series of haiku … I had some difficulties to adjust to the way you have used the prompt color in these series, but … well after reading the other comments I could adjust to it.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • THank you Chèvrefeuille. Actually, I am at fault. Somehow I thought that hope was the prompt and without reading the post on Haiku Heights, I just wrote the set and posted it. The mistake has been corrected and I have removed my link from the post. Sorry. 🙂

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