My nomination


1 New email from titled Urgent and Important. I am like I hope they did not change the venue or the time again. Opening it, I read: 

I go oooooooooo, another contest with time limit. I feel like those video game players racing against time to finish to the checkpoint. You will get me if you have played Crazy Taxi. So here I sit pondering in “THE THINKER” 

pose, wondering about what to write. Going blank was an option I could not afford. To prove myself to be the fastest blogger here, I will let the judges know that I read the male at 17:43 and by 17:49 I saved my first draft.

What should I blog about, what should I blog about, was the question which had decided not to leave it’s place in my mind and thoughts. So instead to think I started to type. Thought that if I start typin, something will eventually come out meaningful. To get the idea again, I reread the mail to clarify myself and push the “THINKING THOUGHT” which had resided itself completely inside me. So I read the email again, word by word.

Okayy, so I had to prove myself to be the Lewis Hamilton blogger here. ( If you couldn’t catch, I was referring to fastest by Lewis Hamilton 😉 ) And then the stupid thought took it’s place back in my mind.  I put my criteria to be strapped into the seat beside Lewis Hamilton because:

1: I am a teenager and love these vroom vroom car rides as well as bike rides.

2: I am a huge F1 fan. I tried for the seats at the first grand prix, but they were a wee bit expensive than my tiny pocket money could buy.

3: I am a BIGGG fan of McLaren car team. I used to play Need for Speed since my early years and that black McLaren car was the one which I always chose. Black colored,  wing doors, fast as shit and all those things that could fantasize a young boy.

4:  Big Lewis Hamilton fan. I have a human sized poster of him in my room, which I am totally proud of.

5: I know Lewis Hamilton. The fact not to be concerned here is that he does not know me is different. But still, this point can be counted.

6: I am a superfast texter. I send smses all day long. Even though the context is different, but Hey! Speed is speed.

7: I once ate 50 panipuris in 14 mins 38 seconds. A feat no one of friends has ever broken, and yes I gave a stopwatch to the friend to find out the time.

8: I can get ready for my college in less than 5 mins. Something which I am proud of myself.

9:  My thoughts are lightning fast. They are at a topic of study at one time and the next moment. *vroom* they are in the sweet lap of luxury in the most exotic locations of the world

10: I am a spendthrift. I am superfast when it comes to spending money. Even though I regret it. But ” KYA KARUN, CONTROL NAHI HOTA”.

So these were the points I that nominate me for the seat next to LEWIS HAMILTON. Excuse me for the point by point detail. It is something you are taught as an ENGINEER. 😉


your impressions on the above impression.

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