Review-ed- The Bankster

The Bankster.

A thriller, written by Ravi Subramaniam-proclaimed as the John Grisham of Banking by The Wall Street Jourrnal.


About The Author: Ravi Subramaniam, an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore has spent almost twenty years of life serving various global banks in India. This is where he gets the inspiration for his thrillers that are entwined in the banking world. He currently resides in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini and daughter Anusha. For his debut into the novel world, he received the Golden Quill Reader’s Choice Award for If God Was A Banker.


First Look: A man with a gun in his hand and a briefcase in the other, dark night clouding the city, with the skyline of a city as the backdrop. The genre “CRIME THRILLER” is speaking through the cover. An impressive way to grab attention while someone is surfing through books on a shelf.


Synopsis: The reputation of the Great Boston Global Bank is at stake due to a series of murder. It is now upon Karan Punjabi, press reporter, and an ex banker to dig deep and to solve the conspiracy big enough to leave not only the bank, but also the world under a big shadow.

The story revolves around three countries, Angola, India and Switzerland ad the corporate lives of the Bankers.The protagonists of the  plot, especially Krishnan Menon really helped taking the book to a higher level. His actions trying to fulfill his promise to his son on the latters death bed and the way he works around to complete his tasks is simply amazing. The writing effectively displays power games and the politics in the official lives. The book is about the woven tales of trust,betrayal,money laundering,and what more Blood Diamonds and Koodamkulam.


Overall, the book has it’s bad bits and good bits. Though having read loads of thrillers, this book does get slow at some places and overwhelmingly fast at some points. IN the end you are left awestruck and are left wanting for more of that action and sit there contemplating the actions. The book manages to keep you on the hook till the mystery is revealed and thus succeeds as a thriller.

What is “The Bankster”? Will Karan Punjabi succeed in his endeavor to unearth one of the biggest scams? What will happen to the GB2? That is for you to find out. 🙂

My overall Ratings- 6.5/10

Book title: The Bankster
Book author: Ravi Subramanian
Book genre: Thriller fiction
Book price: Rs. 250
Publishers: Rupa Publication House


More about Ravi Subramaniam:



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