The Hairy Tale

Okay so the wedding fever has spread all across India, and you cannot pass a single gali/ maholla without listening to croaked voices singing age old songs. So as usual, we were invited to a couple of weddings.

And if the women folk have to step out of the house, they dont do so without atleast supporting the poor make up making companies and thus the drama at home begins. My sister being smaller than me and having a birds nest on her hair wanted to straighten up her hair and thus for once Look decent. My mom being too busy handed over this responsibility to me to take her to the parlour. Now being the good innocent brother I am. I convinced her that even I can straighten up her hair.

She was like No way I am getting my hair straightened by you. Last time in the name of the chocolate you made me eat goat’s poop. It was so disgusting. Do not even touch me this time.

Dont worry Shanaya, this time I won’t do anything mischievous, I promise.

post 2

Mumma, tell bhaiya na.

Shanaya, look mom has to do loads of shopping and house work to do. I will warn bhaiya  and tell him to do nothing mischievous and if he does, you tell me okay. I will punish him.

Okay mommy.

post 5

And so they went. They opened the microwave, put Shanaya’s hair into it, and then Rahul slammed the door shut. All Shanaya could do was stand awkwardly and prayed that nothing wrong happened. Pressing the buttons, Rahul had this evil grin on him. And thus the microwave started.

After about 30 seconds. They opened the microwave and finally released Shanaya from her bounds and there she was standing. Only partially straightned hair. And she ws like: Bhaiya, WTF did you do. I now look like a complete freak. Might as well apply some rainbow colors to my hair. -_-

Sorry Shanay that didnt work. But that doesn’t mean we cant straighten your hair. I have some more ways by which your hair can be straightened. Let’s get started one more time.

Okay so now you know those ropes where mom hangs her clothes, we gonna hang you using those clips and since the hair will get pulled therefore they will lose the curls, I think.

You think? You better give an idea that actually makes it work.

post 4

After about half an hour of  hanging, Shanaya’s hair finally started to steaighten out.

This is working bhaiya, this is working. She squealed in delight. I am gettin pretty. Yay.

yaa sweety, this is working, but some areas are still left.

Now there is one more trick up my sleeve.

This better be good.

Okay so now we go to the third trick. You know the solar cooker right. Well, this trick involves the use of it. We will first put your hair inside the empty compartment of the Solar cooker and then let the sun do it’s work. I am pretty sure it would work.

And thus they set out for the terrace and to complete the straightening of Shanaya’s hair.

Completing the set up, they waited and waited. After about two hours they looked at the hair, and were amazed to see that the curls had been removed. Shanaya was all pretty now.

Just then their mom steps into the house and sees all the mess with the microwave and the Solar cooker and all and she gets furious asking them to explain what the hell were they doing while she was out.

Prettying her mom. Dont you see the difference? Pehle she was looking like Suparnkha, and now she is atleast better than that.

Shanaya gets furious and hits him with a small stick.

Oww, dont hit me. Did not I make you a bit prettier? Now go off you and get ready.

And thus ready for the wedding.


This post has been written for Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment.

You may not try this at home. The above stunts have been performed under strict supervision.


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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Random Musing

It is already mid-december now.

Wow. 2012 seemed to pass away quickly than expected.I don’t know what to label it as. It was a wacky year, had its share of good and bad bits. I haven’t been writing much now lately. Maybe because the thoughts do not come to me, or the words wont just flow. So I just gave up on it for the time being. I don’t even know what I am doing tight now. It seems I have lost it completely. My thoughts take a different path, my body takes up a different one, and in the end the whole of me gets screwed. Whenever I am down with the feelings that knock on my doors, I somehow tend to hide them away. I have been doing this for so long, it almost seems as if I am hiding away from myself.

2012 has been a whirlwind of emotions. Mostly sad, but the good ones also tried to keep up, but each emotion carried a small story with itself and that is why I cherished and lived through each of them. Maybe that is the way I have lived my life.

2012 will always be the year, where I managed to screw up every thin that seemed important to me. And for what. for re runs of sit-coms, late night stupid textings, mundane activities and what not. And these are the things, I haven’t got completely rid of.

But 2012 will also be special for me because this year  I got introduced to my words.Blogging has helped me a lot to let my emotions clustering up in the corner of my heart started to flow in a more meaningful way other than travelling through ears.

2012 was also the year in which I think I lost my bit of faith in the thing called LOVE. The idea of love was really appealing to me. The kind of feelings that go through you when you are in love seemed a lot attractive when they were written on a piece of paper, but when you get to experience Love, it has nothing but disappointment in it. There is insecurity everywhere. And LOVE has transformed from something magical-happening once in a lifetime to some random emotion-every other week.

I just got into college and things seem pretty fine the way they are. Though it feels like I don’t fit in here, nor do I wanna stay here, but I dont have a say in that matter, so let it be.

I now sit in here in the middle of the night, typing away, trying to recollect as many thoughts,feelings that have been stuck in me. 2012 changed me into ways more than one> i guess it is time for me to break free from the shell that I have created over me and try to do something that actually makes me feel good. I don’t know how much time this will take or what do I have to do to break free. But I am sure, I am not gonna be going down without a fight.


Pricking the back of my throat

These thoughts begin to hurt

the constant fear

of being left alone.

Spiking up my beat

Like a flare of heat

these thoughts burn

my body down.

The scariness weighs me down

No details specific

just the vague senses

of plagued decisions.

I am not even sure

why I took them

But now I regret them

feeling insecure along

the way.


Eerie silence

Tonight a cold wind blows

drawing drapes, eluding lights

The dampness it carries

makes me shiver.

I sense fear, sadness

all around.

I lie in the fetal position

My eyes are closed,

my hands are

hoping and wishing.

Beauty of snow

converted into

the grounds of haunted.

As I stand

acquainted with the night

I see my friends

coping up to the fight.

Whispering imaginings of

blanket and fire

trying to inspire

the rest

for they shall remain forever ours

and become the ones

acquainted with the night.