The 7x7x7x7 writing prompt

While mindlessly surfing through the internet, I chanced upon Deepa’s Blog. She had this interesting concept of the 7x7x7x7 writing prompt. The main prompt goes on like this:

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to Page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit it in length to 7 lines. 

So the 7th book on my shelf is “LIFE OF PI“. The 7th page lands me at the first chapter and the 7th line reads as follows:

tremendously. I looked as if I had been grafted with a pair of elephant legs”

Since the sentence is such , I also cheated around it a bit and cut it short from two sides.

Well, here goes the poem.

I looked as if I had been grafted

from the soul that was drafted

away,ripping me away.  

As I look forward to open this new door

for a new life ahead, I wait for the happiness

to come to me instead of me attracting the 

tragic way of life. Yes I now am more lucky to have been grafted.


A moment unexpected

Red soaked sheets displaying trauma

lay underneath them was a friend.

as the life flashed before the eyes

I chanced upon the innocent face

laying still in this moment unexpected

oblivious to the surroundings

a sense of whiteness had descended

Consoling myself and my heart

he would stay along

I did everything I could

to keep my calm

but alas. It is never there

when you want it to.

Bloody and messy I prayed

all night long

asking for only one thing

to help my friend along.

Letting you go

It’s that time again barely containing myself past memories revisit how much I miss them.. adore them holding on to them keep myself content. Fought hard escaped the hell got burnt on way out excruciating..painful trying to get away I stumbled… I fell as I let “us” go I held onto you. Dont want […]

Kai Po chhe

“Aeee Lapetttt” , “Areeee Kai Po chheee.” As soon as I heard these shouts , I would rush to my balcony, look up to the sky searching for the “Kati Patang” and watch in excitement as it flew down into the hands of children trying to catch it and then turn my heads towards the […]

Carpe Diem

Okay, yeah so I have internet access right now, cuz things are going pretty well. Anyway so I was like completing my essay on this project I had to complete for college and then suddenly my Facebook pops up showing the notification of some contest held by BlogAddda titled “Shave or Crave”. Initial reading got a very “EH” type of reaction from my side and thus I left it at that. But after a few days this blogger friend of mine comes up to me and says:

“Dude, you have got to take part in the BlogAdda contest dude. They are giving like 500 Rupees of free vouchers to every participant.”

I am like” Whatever man. The competition is for girls. It would look horrible for men writing how to convince their other half to shave. I will dare not say to a girl that you have a sexy stubble once again. In 9th I once said it to a classmate, and she was really bitchy and did not take that well. I instead got grounded for two weeks. These girls cannot even take a compliment. Jeez.” Therefore I am out of this one.

“But doood, 500 bucks, plus the admin said the boys can participate.”

“I’ll think about it.” I replied to ward him off my back.”

After a few days, this dude again comes upto me.

“Doood, where is your post? You should totally write this one.”

“Okay Okay, all right. I’ll try doing it today.” Another wane attempt of me to ward him off.

But conceding to his requests I revisit the contest page, read it word-by-word, read the comments, visit the submitted blog posts, especially of the male contenders, to understand what actually is required for the contest.

So finally I put on my writing music, and start writing.

But since I do not have a boyfriend and not that I am a girl, I am gonna write this one for my future girlfriend(if I ever get one) to refer to my conditions or what is gonna make me ward off this awesome stubble I am the owner of.

1-) Awesome food– Well they say that the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach, a little correction, in my case.” The way to my razor is through my stomach.” And the food should look good, taste good, smell good. I would prefer something Indian or Thai.

2-) Provisions of gaming to be increased– I have seen some of my gamer friends losing their skill when they get a girlfriend, but it is a record for itself. Being a gamer and getting a girlfriend is a feat. But still, if the woman wants me to shave, she better  let me play, and I would never grow a stubble if she plays with me.

3-) Help me finish off my bucket list– Well, everyone does have a bucket list  don’t they. I have mine too. Though it does consist of some of the most weirdest things ever. Yes I will post my bucket list soon and then you all can squeal in delight and put them in yours too. But that is for later.

4-) Love me like nobody else– Yes, I admit this one is a bit cheesy, but come one. At one point or the other that “Ishq wala Love” gets to you. If I do find someone like that for me. I’d be happy to shave off “MY PRECIOUS” stubble for them.

5-) Because she wants to– Okay, yes I admit this one is pretty lame. But come one. Lists only look good when they are in multiples of five. and also because I ran out of ideas. And yes. Why not, I say. I get rid of my stubble, I look like a complete dork, she never asks me to shave again to avoid the embarrassment of walking with me. Win-Win situation for me.

So these were demands. I know they were pretty strict, but “To get something you need to do something.”


And if you are wondering why the post is called Carpe Diem, that is because Carpe Diem means “Seize the Day”, and I am seizing this day to win me some quick readers.

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