Stupid Common Post.

Back with a bang!! Yeah well so I was in Mumbai for the past few days and all in all it was a pretty good trip. Went para-sailing, bunch of street shopping, rode a horse for three hours only to be in pain for the next couple of days. šŸ˜› But yeah it was worth it.


You know, sometimes trips like these is what you exactly need. Before the trip, I don’t know how exactly did I feel. I mean I stayed up late nights doing basically nothing. Wanted to talk to certain people but the words did not seem to come out and it was like some sort of irritation had crept into me and refused to leave.

Mumbai trip took my mind of these small things and focus my attention on absorbing all the things I could of the places Ā I visit, and now since I am back home, the irritation has started to creep back into me and I see signs that are affecting me. There is this friend of mine who I really likeĀ talkingĀ to, but somehow I feel she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. I don’t know what to tell you, cause even I don’t know what is happening. šŸ˜› One moment she is all happy and replies properly, other moment it seems like I am bothering her with my friendship, and I don’t want to confront her also. It would seem like a pile on, wouldn’t it? Ā Yeah I know it sounds super lame. But well, whatever.


Sometimes I think the internet is getting the better of me. Before I was on the trip, I used to be logged in for like 24×7. There was this mania about the internet and somewhere down the line I think that has affected me a lot. ( NO this is not an epiphany, just bear with me.:P )Ā DuringĀ the trip, I felt genuinely happy about myself andĀ duringĀ this particular moment when I wentĀ para-sailingĀ along the beach, I felt the most peaceful and it felt as if calmness had taken over my body and was my master. It was simplyĀ beautifulĀ  the experience. You are above the unending sea, as if you are floating in the air, the sun is trying to capture every moment of you before it goes down and you are just flying there with no worry or care in the world. It surely felt like a dream come true.

And then I returned back yesterday. Though it felt good getting back home, as I said earlier internet started to affect me again. Though I see the solution as spending less time on the internet, I am really afraid of what effect will that have on me. Sigh. Well, I’ll try and find out and report to you next week. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Stupid Common Post.

  1. I guess everyone needs a break from their usual routine. You got yours. And now that you’re back, you get into your usual routine, and start to feel the same. But those memories, during your time off is what makes you keep going further. šŸ™‚

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