Another Stupid Common Post.

I seem to have started writing these kind of posts a lot right now I think. 😛 Well it makes me take out stuff from my heart and put it in the right place( I guess) instead of boring my “friends” with it. You know when you are in 12th standard you hear people from everywhere saying this friendship isn’t going to last long, BFF’s(Best Friends Forever) is no such thing and so on and so forth and I refused to believe it, for some or the other reason. But you know after completing and graduating from 12th I somewhat feel that the notion is correct to some extent. You still talk, you still say Hi Hello, but you do not have that special connection anymore. That remains only with one or two. Whatever that might be.:P


Lately, you know I have been facing some of  the emotionally crappy stuff. Though it has been going down at a weirdly slower pace, at least it is going down for me. 🙂 One decision I made last week was to remove my WhatsApp and de-activate my FaceBook. Though temporarily or permanent, I am still not sure, but it does give me some time to myself. To think about what is exactly going on and what has been bothering me so far. I do know that why it is there or why it is present, but alas, no solution has been found so far. 😛 I’ll keep you guys updated on the matter though.


One more thing I noticed that after two people separate from each other. There is no instant realization to it, neither there is an immediate effect to it. But once that thing starts to go down your mind, that the thing is finally sinking in. That is when it affects you the most. You start to overthink about the stuff so much that sometimes you wish you aren’t left alone with your thoughts. You become so much terrified of them. But well, you have to live through them. At Least that is what I am trying to do. (With a smiling face)

I guess, that is all I have to say right now. Oh! and one more thing. My college fest started today. It was okay-okay. One thing about my college is that, it doesn’t affect me, in a positive or a negative way and I kind of like that. I wouldn’t want my brain to have another topic to over think about. Anyway bye guys. keep Reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another Stupid Common Post.

  1. Interesting post !!
    I understand this condition won’t say very well as only bearer knows only how’s the conditon but to certain extent I do 🙂
    Take your time off and jump over to your hobbies 🙂

    Keep writing 🙂

    Hope to see your writing more often !! And those lovely poems!

    Get well soon ! Keep Smiling !! 😀

    • Thank you GC. 🙂 Writing such posts not only takes these things off my heart, but comments like these also make me happy that some people do read my lonely blog. 😀 Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Friends might drift apart, friendship doesnt. The BFFs thing is hard to maintain when distance comes in between but when you meet again, its as if nothing changed between you. I realized this recently 🙂
    I hope these emotional hard times pass for you really soon Harshal. Keeping that smile still in its place 🙂

  3. separations are inevitable sometimes…..destiny is a powerful thing and some things are not on your control…so think about the good memories when too many thoughts come barging in…it helps..:)
    nice post between…keep on writing..:)

    • Seeing the word “destiny” written, I feel like quoting Harvey Dent: ” One makes his own luck.” Maybe there is something known as fate or something which decides what is going to happen, but sometimes our small acts result into the conditions today. And on thinking good memories, makes me want them more and hence cringe more. (Sounds odd, but well, Hey! that’s me.) Anyway, I am glad you could find this site and that you found my post worth commenting. 🙂 Keep reading.

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