The Woman on Platform Number 10

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Recently I got this great chance to visit a certain SpeedFest meet arranged by a blogging community over which Lewis Hamilton was invited. Being a huge F1 fan, I did not let this chance go and was on my next train to Mumbai, the place where it was being held. I stayed in Ahmedabad, but whatever happens I knew I had to attend this particular event.
It was one of those beautiful cloudy days in Ahmedabad. Perfect temperature and a sense of exhilaration prevailed in the air.I loved these days, they made me watch sky endlessly and smile for the whole beauty of nature. All in all a beautiful day to travel.
I always loved the train journeys. Always so eventful. You get to watch all kinds of people, interact with them, get to know them. Somehow in the hustle-bustle of the railway station, I always found peace.
On my arrival, I learnt that my train was delayed for about 4 hours. Cursing the Indian railways, I take up my seat in the midst of the platform and prepare to spend the hours with Angry Birds. *sigh*. At that precise moment  a beauty walked down the aisle. A tweed jacket on her arms, a suitcase trailing along the wheels and a gorgeous personality pulling it. Black hair, deep grey eyes as if they could take in all the secrets of all the world. A graceful  walk with no air of attitude or any kind of smugness, A smile that could wipe away the sadness from the earth. They way she tucked her hair behind her ear made me awestruck. As I looked towards the girl again, I seemed to have forgotten all of my deep worries and all I wanted to do was to sit and watch a beauty do her work. Comes out as a creepy stalker but in that moment I just wasn’t in control of myself or my body. As she set her stuff from the chair across mine, I was overjoyed to have a pretty person sit close to me.What a way to spend the delayed time. To avoid looking like a creeper,I fumbled across the first book that came to my hand while rummaging inside my book, I opened it and pretended to read it while stealing occasional glances at her. Man I had to go talk to her.
So in my head I started to play out various scenarios about the way how I would approach her or how to squeeze the words out of my mouth without making a complete idiot of me.
“Hey have I seen you somewhere?” was the first thing that came to me. Ewww no responded my mind. You are watching too many BollyWood movies Harshal.
Then how about, “Hi, how are you? You look like your plane just landed from the heaven, angel.” Yeah perfect if you want to spend the next two nights of your life in jail. Too cheap I guess. Well then how about a simple “Hi.” Are you seriously asking me that? My brain replied. She is a perfect beauty and you  my friend are a dork. There is no way a simple Hi is going to get you anywhere. Bingo again. My brain suddenly stared working faster than Chacha Chaudhari. I don’t know why people say your Brain stops working the moment you see a pretty girl. They’re wrong. It’s the tongue that stops coming out of your mouth to help brain work. Anyway I was back to contemplating on how I would talk to this girl. Without getting any turn downs from my brain, I decided to go there and introduce myself and ask her for the incredibly expensive coffee of the airport.
And so putting my stuff down, I got up and walked straight towards her. But as soon as I neared her my brain kicked in and I went straight to the book stall without even a second glance at her.
“What the hell brain? Why do you keep doing this to me?”
“Because I like to torture you, my friend. That’s all.”
Shutting up my brain, I calmed down, composed myself and went back to the comfort of my pre-warmed seat. There I sat for another half hour making plans and discarding them at quiet a pace. Risking a glance from my book, my eyes suddenly met her and somehow I lost it all again to my brain. Instead of moving them elsewhere, the brain kept them transfixed to the spot  and a sort of warm feeling surged through my body and soul.It was like a deep connection had been made and it felt like I knew her from quite a time. I just simply could not move my eyes off her and somehow a smile passed on from my lips to hers. She replied with a smile and I was the happiest man alive on the planet. Blood pumped in great amounts and I could almost hear my heart being plugged into loudspeakers for the whole world to hear. It was an exhilarating feeling.  Just then, the from across the platform her train arrived. It deeply saddened me and I was there sitting not knowing what to do, after all only a smile had been passed and nothing else so I returned to my book. I also sensed a dejected look on the girls face and watched her carry her stuff with that perfect walk of hers onto that boarding passage. My eyes returned back to her seat only to watch a tissue paper folded in the shape of an heart kept at the exact same place as the girl sat. I quickly ran to the seat grabbed the tissue paper and opened it. It read: Radha, 9090909090. 🙂 ❤
And I was again on the 9th cloud. Blood again flowed through my body at a pace my heart couldn’t control and I was the happiest man again. Well all in all, Love at First Sight does exist. After all she was the Woman on the Platform Number 10.

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