A night

An eerie silence haunts me
The swirling fan above scares me
Bounded by hopeless thoughts
and mindless worries
the blanket seems to suffocate me.

The time drags away slowly
Tick-tock Tick-tock

I should have said something
Done something.
After all, they say
“Love is worth fighting for”
But I did not fight.
All I did was watch
As the one who made the world better with her smile
Drew away slowly
And all I did was watch.

The moon gently smiles at me through the window
And the wind caresses me like a
mother caresses her child.
My worries seem to slowly dwindle away
As if the mother nature cast a patronus of hope
And the dementors of the past backed away.


3 thoughts on “A night

  1. Nature offers the best arms of comfort in a gloomy state. You have brought that out really well through your words.
    And there are some events that question us our actions later. I hope the dementors go back to Azkaban forever 🙂

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