A moment to talk about you..!!

When the lights go out
and the moon goes down
I walk the road
where no steps were found

and on the knees
down to the ground
head down
and music goes loud

I heard the screams
I saw them bleed
mixed theories in me
I am a machine of dreams

I got a soul
fighting so alone
this is enough
or I just cant take it much
more and more
saw the only eyes so pure

and now its like another dream to remember
and some pictures for cure
I see I lost
back in memories to explore

Something was nice
quiet bright
so sweet
you can jus die living it

when the leaves leave the tree
I saw my dream going away from me
I screamed but my voice lost somewhere behind
I rushed but the road ended
just on my next step everything vanished

I remember I was glad
to be with my dream not so sad
I was complete not broken
and now even the mirror of me made me lost in circles

In circles , I was endlessly swallown
by the nightmares all the way with me to my limitations
and I dont even got a photograph to smile once
just got lonliness to be with for months

Death , and the road ends
thats all! and no suspense?
I am a story of life
and now the moments started making sense

What how and why?
with only my memories
i cry
tears fall from my eyes
all these true lies
i dont need no reasons for my lines

and its just me ends
on the road with lonliness
like drops of water so pure
burned under fire for cure…


your impressions on the above impression.

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