In the months of March-April 2012, my school days got over, and I guess as a lot of people say life changes after your school, mine also did. For better or for worse, that I cannot yet contemplate, but a lot of things did change. Though throughout the year maybe I have been more down than up, had a few more frowns than smiles and a few let downs. Even though I sat through the year waiting for good things to happen to me or proclaiming myself as the “Neville” ( Why does this always happen to me kind of stuff) or even becoming the Jon Snow of my world (knowing nothing at all). Apart from the poor jokes that have been made there is something really beautiful which the show “How I Met Your Mother” has taught me, that

 The complete year I waited and tried very hard to be/hang out with the friends of my high-school, and every time a resounding “NO”, I felt completely broken and lonely inside and for a better part of the year I almost felt no wanted to be friends anymore.I never wanted any of it to change, but that’s not how life happens. Slowly and slowly as I came to the realization that even the so-called friends had a life and probably didn’t want it to waste on me and that relations like friendships cannot be forced on someone.

Recently while chatting away with a friend I took her opinion on the very same matter, and the answer from her did give me something to think about how foolish and childish was my behaviour across the year. What she said was and I quote: ”

school se colg ka transformation bahut bada hota hai…


kaafi school frnds peeche chhot jaate hain aur new new colg frnds ban jaate hain..”


though the old proverb” Old Is Gold” does come to mind, but still, one has to always be ready for new experiences and maybe I wasn’t ready for what life had to offer me. I cursed some friends, chided them for forgetting me and such nonsensical things and today when I look back at those moments, I cringe at myself and feel what a fool has been made of me. And so ending the post with yet another HIMYM teaching, I apologize for my behaviour and maybe I’ll try and be better.

“You see, the Universe has a plan, and that plan is always in motion. A butterfly flaps its wings and it starts to rain. It’s a scary thought, but it’s also kind of wonderful. All these little parts of the machine constantly working, making sure that you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be, exactly when you’re supposed to be there. The right place at the right time.”


One thought on “Self-Realization

  1. True, change is inevitable, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone is a friend to someone. Surely the way of interaction might change from time to time, but in no way it changes the relationship.
    Consider the example with your mother. The way of interaction with her changes right from when you were an infact, to a kid, to an teen and finally to an adult, but in no way it changes or affects the relationship.

    I believe thinking “realization that even the so-called friends had a life and probably didn’t want it to waste on me ” is a pessimist point of view. A true friend will always have time for his friend, but at times situations are as such that it might appear as if the friend doesn’t care, which is really sad as it is not the case. I believe this is nothing, but the test of friendship, and I believe this friendship would come out of this oblivion, for even if one of the two has faith in the friendship, it still lives. Personally, I would never leave faith in this, no matter what, and expect, rather plead the others in a similar situation do the same, to pass the test.

    “Friendship” cannot be forced into someone, but at times it is the case that no one is forcing it. Sometimes, the reason one think that someone is forcing the friendship, is actually because of some reason the other person gave; but at times the other person gives that reason to the other person anticipating that the other, being a friend, would understand. But as in this case, it is sometimes interpreted in a different way.

    It’s true that you make new friends, but that doesn’t really mean you leave old friends behind. No, I don’t think so. There are some special people whose support you’d never want to leave. One just have to have patience, and a little bit of faith, and I guess everything would fall into place.

    I don’t know what your case is, but I suggest talking a bit would surely help. You don’t seem happy with this part, and I’m sure neither the other counterpart, but with a little bit of faith, patience and talking, I strongly believe everything would be awesome again!

    I’d just say, talking never harms!

    Good Luck!

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