Braying along

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Sometimes being Β human is a very difficult task to do. You make a very odd mistake and then cringe and shake your head like you just tasted on a little sweet yet very sour lemon.For example, in the early years of my childhood, when I was hardly 3 or 4 and used to stay in this little town called Mehsana of Gujarat, I suddenly woke up from my noon slumber from the braying of the donkeys. Having never seen a donkey before in my life, I got really excited and much to the shame of my mom, I started having a braying war with the creatures at 3 PM waking up all my neighbours and making them stare out wondering what sort of demon had possessed me. After about 5 mins of braying at the top of my voice in the balcony, my mom dragged me inside and put off to sleep. Every Time that memory comes to me, my shoulders automatically shrug themselves and a cold breath emerges from my mouth. Even after about 15 years since the event passed, I am still reminded of the incident whenever our whole family gets together.

Even though our lives our strewn with such sweet and sour memories, such moments are the ones that make us laugh and cry at ourselves and making it worth living for.

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