For all the grey

in him, he blamed her poor soul

of being so dark.


Oh, look, grey clouds

beautifully grumpy, they

cover the naked sun.




My Delhi Manifesto.

Delhi the name itself sparks terror in the hearts of mothers girls and all the family members who hear their daughter/relative/friend is shifting to Delhi. Do we want the capital to have this kind of identity? The words Rape capital of India, “badmaashon se bhara hua hai mat jao” are the most often used terms for Delhi. It’s a shame our country capital is in such a poor state. I present to my readers the manifesto that in my views would make Delhi a little better place to live and visit.
1) Legalize prostitution in the state.
2)Deal with the hordes of illegal immigrants you guys treat as vote banks. Politicians go to them begging for votes in exchange for polluting the reputation of the city.
3)Increase the wages of government workers like policemen,insurance agency workers and so on people,not the politicians.This will motivate them to do the job and cut down on bribes.
4) Use technology in the city There is so much technology advancement going on but still we see there being no use of them. Use better gadgets, equip the government workers with new advanced models which work properly. Will do the work quickly and without hindrance.


5)Actually punish those who do wrong instead of blatantly promising to do so. And punish them hard. Fear is the greatest teacher.

6) Removing the bureaucracy that is plaguing the government offices.
7)Bring the retirement age back down. No one wants old grumpy people working when there is new blood waiting. This will not only fasten the process in the government jobs but will make it efficient also.

8) Privatize all government estate plans. Be it the parks, the hospitals, the transport, the roadways and railways etc. We all know how government work is and how the privatization can bring huge difference to the image makeover that is required.

9) Cut down on all the illegal liquor that is flowing around the city.

10)Don’t  prevent youth from protesting. Anger comes out only if there is a reason behind it. Huge gatherings across social borders do not happen for no reason. Instead listen to what they are saying. Take in their ideas and try to understand them. Just because the old minds of politicians are not able to process the ideas, doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Don’t be stubborn.

11) Remove reservations in every field. Be it education, government service or any job criteria. India doesn’t require minorities, minorities require India. Special privileges should not be given to anyone. We should not change our laws every other month, just because a group of people come together and start labeling themselves as a minority, no matter how loud the word “DISCRIMINATION” is yelled, no laws should be changed/drafted to fit their desires.

12)Cut down on the autowallahs and the cabbies who deny the person a ride. Proper and standard rate cards should be employed and it should be taken care that they are being followed religiously. Making a law and then not keeping up with it is even worse than not making it.

13) Make the sex education in schools a mandatory course. Parents are too shy to talk to their offsprings and hence children start to learn from various sources which often give misleading information.

14)Make it more convenient for tourists be it national or international to roam around without any sort of worry.

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Animating moments!!

Was it the helping offered by a bystander to a blind man in crossing the road? Was it the way in which the passengers met on my way back? Was it me completing the long due assignment? Was it the beautiful way in which the day went by? Was it the happiness the day possesed?

Maybe it was a little bit of all. Maybe it wasn’t. But who cares. Although I laugh daily in my life, today was the one in which I wholeheartedly smiled. There is something enigmatic about seeing someone smiling from far away. Knowing he does not care for what the rest of the world thinks about him. He stands there holding his stick, a bag slinging along his shoulder, a deep smile stuck on his lips. There surely is something magical. If a person can smile despite not being able to see the beautiful smiles of others who are we to crib about our stupid broken hearts and nonsensical rants.

When people from all forms of life come together to travel in a single vehicle, not bothering about others past/race/creed/caste and enjoy it they share their quirky day to day stories, laugh a bit, share in their joys and pains, who are we to judge others on their looks, way of walking, speaking, they way they dress up themselves, they way they carry themselves. Everyone has their shortcomings, doesn’t mean you label them according to their flaws and thus ignore what is truly beautiful inside them. This I realized today.

Though I alway considered the fact that “You become happy around the people who are happy” inherently false. The fact that me travelling with so many happy souls  did make me genuinely happy. Even though I couldn’t interact with them. The way they laughed, shared the stories from their day at office/college/work was inspiring in ways more than one made me smile while Vivaldi played in my ears.

The world is full of good people, maybe it takes time to find them. Though I did nothing extravagant, the small things we see in others, be it the good way or the bad way does make a huge impact on our mood and our way of life. I know I have been facing the crappiest period of my life, but sometimes such days are a boon and today I go to bed hugely inspired and smiling and knowing somewhere something in me has changed a bit. Maybe the change will come slowly, day by day, moment by moment. I’ll have to live my life to experience it I guess.

A silent night

Two damaged souls

on a silent night

in the journey of life

chance by each other.

Under the canopy of stars

and the spotlight of moon

their eyes click,

above them a cupid blushes.


Scared of the past

They mend their hearts

rekindle the spirits.

Slowly the inhibitions fade,

trust evolves

as the feelings grow

they learn to love again.

But cupid wanted to play

not satisfied with the love

he turned eris

to depart the ones who loved,

but the souls decided

to depart the world instead.

The last look.

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Final-Goodbye“The time has come” I finally sighed the words as I glanced around what had been my abode for the last 21 years of my life. The very place I first walked, spoke out my first words, cried and shit the first time and other such loving memories. The old rickety bed whose sound I used to hate, all of a sudden seemed pleasant to my ears, the rusty cabinet at the corner, pictures depicting my timeline adorned the doors of which and the walls of my room, on which with the bare hands of mine I colored the random colors of life. Sometimes when you are supposed to leave, even the things that annoy you the most seem so loving, as if pleading you not to go. In the last few days of my packing, I glanced through each of the things that lay remain in the most hidden corners of the room and heart, reminisced about them for hours on, braved through a few nervous breakdowns and continued to pack.

*buzz* *buzz*

Looking up at phone, my heart dropped as Vaani written in bold letters flashed across the screen and across the fields of time, I travelled back to the day I first met her.

“So when two electrons form a bond by…..”

“Ma’am, may I come in?”

It was the first period of our 11th standard. Chemistry. Sigh. As Mrs Sharma went on and on about how romantically the electrons made love to each other in different positions of Co-valent bond and electron bond, in walked Vaani. My eyes clicked with hers, I tried to awkwardly smile at her while she waited for permission to enter into the class.It has been 6 years since the day and the memory of it remains on my heart like the every other moment I spent with her.


Across the time, the buzzing brings me back to my present, I answer it.


“Soo, you are finally leaving?”

“Yeah. it’s about time. Where are you?”

“Look out the window.”

As I look down, I see her standing below. Running downstairs, I go and hug her tight. And in that moment, I felt what I was leaving behind. It weren’t the things that played their role growing up, it wasn’t my room that I was leaving behind, I was leaving a part of me. A part of me in that beautiful yet messy room of, a part of me in that city which helped me grow up and the biggest piece with Vaani. The heaviness of the moment took its toll and a sniff came around the corner.
“Shhh. Vivaan. Everything’s going to be okay.” Vaani consoled me as I hugged her tighter. As I released her from me, I could see the smudge mascara on her face and the ruined kajal across her eyes.

“I love you Vaani” was all that I could manage with the big lump in my throat.
“I love you too Vivaan.” she replied and hugged me once again.

There are some moments in your life when you wish the time stopped and the world stayed as it is, I wished the same during the time. The hug from Vaani gave all the comfort and consoling I needed and wished we always remained the same.

As I bid her goodbye and loaded the stuff onto the cab, I tried to capture every little thing that in a way, smaller or bigger made an impact in my life and in that moment I learned the true essence of life. Things change. Memories don’t. And in those times memories are the only things that keep you sane and happy. Like Dumbledore once said: Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

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