Animating moments!!

Was it the helping offered by a bystander to a blind man in crossing the road? Was it the way in which the passengers met on my way back? Was it me completing the long due assignment? Was it the beautiful way in which the day went by? Was it the happiness the day possesed?

Maybe it was a little bit of all. Maybe it wasn’t. But who cares. Although I laugh daily in my life, today was the one in which I wholeheartedly smiled. There is something enigmatic about seeing someone smiling from far away. Knowing he does not care for what the rest of the world thinks about him. He stands there holding his stick, a bag slinging along his shoulder, a deep smile stuck on his lips. There surely is something magical. If a person can smile despite not being able to see the beautiful smiles of others who are we to crib about our stupid broken hearts and nonsensical rants.

When people from all forms of life come together to travel in a single vehicle, not bothering about others past/race/creed/caste and enjoy it they share their quirky day to day stories, laugh a bit, share in their joys and pains, who are we to judge others on their looks, way of walking, speaking, they way they dress up themselves, they way they carry themselves. Everyone has their shortcomings, doesn’t mean you label them according to their flaws and thus ignore what is truly beautiful inside them. This I realized today.

Though I alway considered the fact that “You become happy around the people who are happy” inherently false. The fact that me travelling with so many happy souls  did make me genuinely happy. Even though I couldn’t interact with them. The way they laughed, shared the stories from their day at office/college/work was inspiring in ways more than one made me smile while Vivaldi played in my ears.

The world is full of good people, maybe it takes time to find them. Though I did nothing extravagant, the small things we see in others, be it the good way or the bad way does make a huge impact on our mood and our way of life. I know I have been facing the crappiest period of my life, but sometimes such days are a boon and today I go to bed hugely inspired and smiling and knowing somewhere something in me has changed a bit. Maybe the change will come slowly, day by day, moment by moment. I’ll have to live my life to experience it I guess.


your impressions on the above impression.

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