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He was told, on the night of diwali his one wish would come true. On this festival of lights,  the only thing this eight year old boy asked was to go deaf. So he would not be able to hear the constant shouting matches between his parents and pretend that his was a happy family.


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8 thoughts on “Lights.

  1. I kind of agree with Sid on this one. But perhaps, after wishing that so many times, the child would have stopped believing in that wish.

    A sad light, Harshal. A really sad one.

  2. How desperate a child would be, if he were to wish this on a Diwali day 😦 I wish the parents heard this and nurtured harmony 😦
    U have lit a sad light, as Leo has rightly said.
    But this light is present everywhere…. I hope this light flickers away and happiness shines bright !

  3. You have brought out the real plight that children from broken families suffer. In fact, this take of yours should turned into a poster or an ad and posted everywhere, so that parents know how their inadvertent shouts and screams are affecting their poor kids.hmm…it’s such a big, bad world for children today.

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