Healthier India!!!

I was born at a time when the fast food culture hadn’t really kicked into the food system of India. Domino’s, pizza hut and McDonalds were words that were alien to us in our young age. I remember, when we used to be taken to these hospitals and were administered the Polio vaccines and other various shots to prevent any disease to catch us, when we were young, it was this time when “Do boond Zindagi ke” campaign by Amitabh Bachchan really took off.You could see those big posters almost everywhere you set your eyes too. Be it the moving buses, the unpainted walls of the city, auto-rickshaws, every commercial break showed his plea to the nation at least twice. That is when the awareness started growing among the people. The importance of the youth in India. How important it was for the present kids to stay safe and be healthy. I remember the time when early morning our mother used to dress me and my sister up for school and made sure we each scooped a spoon of Dabur Chyawanprash, no mater how much cringed. We were not allowed to step out of the house without the customary chyawanprash. After a while the cringing stopped and it became a routine, we became accustomed to the taste of the bitter-sweet thing and often looked up for newer, maybe tastier versions of it. It was probably later on in our years that we saw Shahrukh Khan fighting wielding a sword and fighting along, his powers coming from the Sona-Chandi Dabur Chyawanprash and we used to beg our mothers to get the new box, because it came in a swanky looking container. Even today one can visit any household and see atleast 3-4 containers of Dabur Chyawanprash and realize how important it was for our families to protect the young and to make sure they always remained healthy A healthy child will only grow up to become the youth of the nation which will propel the nation forward and make the dreams of our forefathers come true.

To build a healthier, stronger and a better immune India, more focus has to be given to the people who have been residing in towns and villages. They need to be educated of the importance  of the young kids and they need to be told that a better and immune kid will help them in the future only, for the poor, their family comes first and the nation second. Properly administered vaccines at proper time intervals should be ensured, for if a child is bereft of chronic illnesses at a young age, only then will he grow up to be a part of the Better and Healthier India. The needs of the various segments of society also need to be looked after, as when one is free from shackles of his own burden, he will rise. The abuse among young also need to be stopped. Every other day, we with out morning tea  and a newspaper in hand read about the a child being sexually abused or being freed from the harsh world of child labour, we contempt such actions sitting in our verandah and after the tea is finished we get back to our own business, and forget about it. There is only so much blame that we can put the government on, there comes a time when the people of India need to stark taking actions and this wont happen with me typing away the problems of children of India, it wont happen with complaining about the government not doing anything whilst sitting in our air conditioned rooms, nor will it happen with reading such posts and thinking yes we can do. Instead progress will only happen when we get off our chairs and atleast initiate what we think is right and what will make the kids and infants of today healthier and immune for a better India.


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