Of New year and expectations.

The ending of one more year has arrived onto us. Just like the last time, the same winter mornings greet us, the coldness envelops us and we wait for the 31st like a child wanting a toffee outside a candy store. There are somethings that I don’t seem to understand. One of them is the celebration. Why is there so much pressure and want to end a year doing something that can be done almost any other day of the year? Why is there so much need to PARTY/DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY on a New Year’s eve? I myself face a huge urge to go out with people and do something, the problem is that I don’t seem to understand why? Why is there a need to celebrate an ending of just another miserable year of our lives? Everyone writes these sentences/aims/resolutions upon their Facebook walls, tweet about them, write them in their diary that they will fulfill all of them from the onset of 2014. Why does one have to wait for a new year to make themselves better? It’s like, I’ll start a diet from Jan 1 2014, but let me just finish off this Double Cheese Pizza on the night of 31st. Don’t such resolutions bring out the procrastination in us? There is all just too much of hope built on this one day, that marks the beginning of a new year. For all I know, it may turn out to be as crappy as the last or may suck the life out of me even more. Well, will have to wait for time to tell me about that. 🙂 Happy New year to all you folks out there.


I am in a bad place. At least that is what I think and feel like often. That this is a place fit for someone unlike me. Every night, my dreaded thoughts have been keeping me company, keeping me awake. I am sometimes attracted towards the thoughts of making a new start. Go off to some completely new place, leave my past behind, away from Gandhinagar, away from the college I currently am, away from the people I think of as my friends, just away from everything that has been with me for the past 19 years of my life. Start of a new career maybe in a place where no one knows who I am, no one knows about anything from my past. A shot at a new life I guess. Tempted a lot, I am. I have been alone too long for my comfort, not that I am guaranteed people from the new place would like me, but then how will I know without having experienced it. Although this may sound all too naive from a 19 year old, but there are some thoughts one just cannot stop from coming. I know this may not come true at all, but it feels good. To dream of a fresh start. At least for a while I can make myself happy by just dreaming about it, these sand castles may fade away, but at least they’ll remain castles for a while. Isn’t that important? Staying happy for a while although from stuff that you dream of. Alas! Only time will give me my answers.



waited for you

with bated breath.

Your voice,

it weakened

my body and soul

Yet I stood

to fall again

in the deep melodies

of your words

I know

my words were harsh


I did not intend them

for I loved you

way too much

to keep you close.


today I dream

of a perfect world


you and I are We

knowing the dream

will never come alive.

Therefore, I dream

for in those few moments

I am happy.

My day with the tablet

It all starts in the morning. Every morning I have this huge urge to flung my tablet off. And just because, it tries to wake me up from my deep slumber. Sigh. Anyway, after making a carefully calculated decision not to destroy my tablet, I finally wake up and make the cold morning walk to my bathroom, with my tablet in one hand and the charger in other and groggy eyes. Then I spend almost half an hour catching up with how my friends are feeling, what movies are they watching, what songs are they listening, what are they tweeting, new memes on 9gag, what is going in the world with the various news apps. After spending an almost acceptable time to sit in the bathroom, I walk myself out and attach my tablet to the JBL bug speaker I currently possess and use it to entertain myself with either the radio or the songs I have in my device while brushing my teeth. (Please don’t judge me just yet, you’ll be given plenty of opportunity later on in the post) So after I spend an almost 115 minutes of brushing ( No, I am not some super cleanliness freak, I just love my music collection) then I jump into my philosophically equipped hot shower with my music still on. This time I even perform for my neighbours from the comforts of my bathroom. My neighbours even compliment me on my renditions of Hey Jude and In the end. Actually I take that as a compliment. I cannot tell for sure if they are complaining or complimenting.Anyway, after spending almost half an hour reflecting on my life decisions and complimenting Imagine Dragons for Demons, I finally get out and get dressed and eat breakfast. And no, please do not think I do this without the company of my tablet, I usually watch my favourite episode of Friends or even cat videos on YouTube. After all this, I am usually late to my college, therefore after stuffing my bag with my college stuff and thus I run out to the college stop with my tablet playing my favourite songs. After I get on to the bus, I generally listen to Podcasts. All India Bakchod, KaanOMasti, are my favourites and because of the hilarious content of their podcast, I have been termed as the maniac who laughs for no reason in my bus. Puny college people I tell you. Atleast my beloved tablet does not judge me that way. ❤  And so after reaching to college, while I bunk away my classes, I am often found on the stairs or in the canteen reading my favourite books on my tablet. This is the thing I love about my tablet. It’s versatility. It can provide me with hours and hours of entertainment, and I resorted to this sort of entertainment only after finding out that I have no friends in my college. *sigh* Anyway, if I am ever found in lectures( rarely), I can quickly note important points being doled and make note of the assignments I have to submit in the lecture on my tablet efficiently. And so the college time gets over quickly and I rush back to my home listening to either the radio or the podcasts on the way back. After giving my tablet a much needed rest, I pick it up again and converse around with my friends, even blog sometimes from it, gather up knowledge on what happened throughout the day and etc.   At night, I catchy up with my novels and reading activity and even watching any new episodes from my favourite TV shows.

But even after being so awesome I have various issues with my tablet.

First of all, it has no stand and is flat at the bottom, which means I have to put my indian trait of Jugaad to use, to put it at a desire viewing angle. Second, the battery is not so great. I have to keep a portable charger with me all round the day, just so that I do not get alone and third it’s screen is not so brilliant against the sun.

Recently I came across this commercial of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet

and needless to say, I wanted it that very moment. The various stand modes can help my watching my shows while brushing, getting ready for college, skyping with my parents, watching a movie with my friends around and what not.

And according to my requirements for the ideal tablet requirement. Here are the things it should have:

1- Auto message/call blocker whenever my ex wants to talk to me.

2- Tell me when I have used my tablet too much for the day and that I should probably go out and have a life.

3- Have a brilliant battery backup for the whole day.

4- Be what the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is like.



“Sir we are ready to take off. Kindly make sure you have the seat belt on. Thank you” the air-hostess said. Panic and sadness engulfed me, zooming into the past he remembered his first flight. How he held her hands while she assured him of nothing going wrong. Today I missed her. Loneliness shrouded me.


Into his eyes

she stares, her lips tremble

sweat rivulets.


A scar tingled

old memories flare

tears rivulet.


A competition

four eyes gaze the window, as

raindrops rivulet down.