Of New year and expectations.

The ending of one more year has arrived onto us. Just like the last time, the same winter mornings greet us, the coldness envelops us and we wait for the 31st like a child wanting a toffee outside a candy store. There are somethings that I don’t seem to understand. One of them is the celebration. Why is there so much pressure and want to end a year doing something that can be done almost any other day of the year? Why is there so much need to PARTY/DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY on a New Year’s eve? I myself face a huge urge to go out with people and do something, the problem is that I don’t seem to understand why? Why is there a need to celebrate an ending of just another miserable year of our lives? Everyone writes these sentences/aims/resolutions upon their Facebook walls, tweet about them, write them in their diary that they will fulfill all of them from the onset of 2014. Why does one have to wait for a new year to make themselves better? It’s like, I’ll start a diet from Jan 1 2014, but let me just finish off this Double Cheese Pizza on the night of 31st. Don’t such resolutions bring out the procrastination in us? There is all just too much of hope built on this one day, that marks the beginning of a new year. For all I know, it may turn out to be as crappy as the last or may suck the life out of me even more. Well, will have to wait for time to tell me about that. 🙂 Happy New year to all you folks out there.


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