In the land where members swear by ” OUR CULTURE”, the place where corruption brews like a tea, the place where dishonesty runs throughout the veins of the members, and the place where honesty is treated as a disease and any means to change its mindset is considered illegal. I could go on and on like the countless blog-posts, deliver the same message as a regular Indian tweets about or updates a status about. Yes I was talking about the Parliament. The abode of all the law making process of the Great Country of India, the Parliament. The place where its occupants change every year. Quoting the great Mark Twain- “Politicians and  diapers should be changed regularly and for the same reason.” Now, haven’t we been shit on constantly for the past 5 years? Do you not think it is time to flush out the shit and clean the pot again. So we can be shit on again? We will get the opportunity to change it again, flush out the contents of the pot, so it can be filled again. For better or for worse, we know not yet. This May, we will get the chance, to vote, to choose out representative to run this country, to make laws for this country. There are only bad options, it’s about finding the best one. And this May, we will do so. So that we get something to complain about in our tweets, status updates and our blog-posts. Something our parents, aunts and uncles discuss over dinner or drinks. Well, since our Youth has suddenly risen its face and actually has started to show what its capable of. This may I am pretty sure, if motivated properly we can change the course of our Parliamentary Elections. Here are a few ways to motivate our social crazy youth.


1) A Twitter Contest: A twitter contest for the twitterati of our country.Voters tweet with their inked finger and the one with the most retweets get a prize. Screenshot_2014-01-03-22-58-13

2) A FaceBook contest: A certain page is created. Voters submit images of their inked finger, ask their friends to like the page as well as the pic, and the one with the most liked pic wins a contest. A similar contest like the twitter one.

3)Organize concerts, and in those concerts spread the awareness. Concerts like SunBurn, NH7, etc. The youth can headbang to some voting advice. Might do country some better.


4) For College students, all those who vote should be given to choose among any one subject to avoid submissions of. The rush will be greater than ever.

5) For those who work, a pending raise should be given to those who voted.

Well, this is all I can think of now. I really hope the young indian youth votes for the less bad option. A makeover is what our country needs the most right now.



your impressions on the above impression.

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