Knowledge Is Great

There comes a time in everyone’s life, where he/she gets an epiphany regarding his career and studying life. A light shines upon the person, a bulb lights up above the head, eyes widen and a nirvana sort of state is received where everything else becomes oblivious, a  baritone voice  speaks inside the head in a soothing yet affirming manner to stop living life the way he is and go do something for himself. The voice:” Kuch kar le beta. Aise toh tera kaam nahi bane wala. Kitne din tak apni yahi ghissi peeti zindagi yun jeeyega tu. Kuch kar beta.” ( Go do something son. For how long will you live your life-like this in a shabby manner, without any aim whatsoever. Go so something son.) The person, still in Nirvana, switches on his laptop and logs on to the Internet Lord GOOGLE. He types in “Studying in UK”, now let me just stop you for a moment here and ask you a question. Why would an average Indian student GOOGLE about studying in UK? Why not any other country like USA or Canada? Because, we as Indians have a deep connection to the humble Britishers. The first Universities we heard or read about were the mighty OXFORD, CAMBRDGE, NEWCASTLE, CARDIFF etc, our deep love for football is fueled by the EPL ( English Premier League) wherein an average student bets and gets in fight over which team will win, which player will score the most, which player will be signed by which team and what not, and the team hot shots constantly remain the same that is Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and so on. In fact, we are so involved with these teams that my best friend of 8 years has a tattoo of Manchester United mascot. Now since I am on the topic of sports, how can I ever forget about CRICKET. The sport introduced to us by the Englishmen. No sport unites us like cricket. The whole nation wept as Lord Sachin retired, the whole nation joined hands in covering the billboards of Indian cricketers with cow turd during the 2007 Cricket World Cup. The three generations of My Grandfather, my father and myself have spent many an hours shouting and cheering for our team in front of the TV. Along with the IIT’s and IIM’s, our parents had the dreams to send our children to Oxford for studying. Often in the Pediatric sections of the hospitals, newly born fathers would be heard speaking: “Mera beta/beti Oxford main padhegi.” ( My son/daughter will study in Oxford). As the years went by and we grew our fantasy with UK grew. What started out as wax statues of Bollywood celebrities in Madame Tussauds turned to rivaling football camps, which then turned to fantasizing about the gorgeous campuses of universities and the UK locales and countryside which were shown to us via the famous SHERLOCK, TOP GEAR etc. Thus we have always wanted to be a part of such exciting venues that housed all these things together, due to which “Studying in UK” was the first thing that the nirvana struck student googled.

Although my nirvana phase has passed a few months back, I still have this constant dream of going to UK and study there. Of the many hours spent in researching across the interwebs and the hours of conversations with the NRI cousins staying/studying in the UK, I have made quite a progress regarding the course which I aspire to do, the University through which I want to complete the course, the kind of profile I need to be eligible for the University and so on and so forth.






As a Computer Science undergrad, I have this wish to continue the field in which I have started studying and my fascination with computer goes long back to the time when I was in 3rd standard. Personal Computers had just arrived on the scene and my parents were gracious enough to bring one home, and seeing this weird monitor and its many peripherals I only had one expression:


All the games I could play, all the music I could listen, I could even play movies on this device. So it was always the field computers for me in which I decided to continue my studies ahead in life.


Newcastle University in considered to be one of the topmost universities of UK. The sheer power of its research facility in various fields shows the signs of its academic growth. The kind of pay packages, the students of Newcastle University get after the completion of their respective degrees are at par with the rest of UK and highly competitive in the world also. Also, the Computer and IT department is very strong and highly resourceful.


Yes I am. I currently am preparing for my GRE( Graduate Record Examination) and IELTS( International English Language Testing System) and also I am focusing more on my academic records as these will indeed help me a lot for getting selected in the university.

This entry has been written as an entry to the Knowledge is Great contest on by British Council.