Dabur Chyawanprash

I remember the times when I was a small kid, about 8 or 9 years, the times when I was fiercely notorious, running into things, hitting my head, once I unknowingly even cut my thumb with a knife lying around, fell sick a lot, headaches were my constant guests and so was the cold and fever. I distinctly remember the trips to the doctor whom I used to unlike ferociously. Those big syringes and injections were my kryptonite so to say and I honestly still fear them a lot even though I have a tattoo. The medicines which came with the promises to help me say goodbye to my headaches and fear, I used to gulp them down like they were toffee. All this and much more happened and struck with my were my family members, Dad, mom and sister. Taking me back and from the doctor’s place was a regular deal and though tiring it wasn’t s tiring as the constant worry that clouded their mind of the deadly diseases that were going to make a sumptuous meal of me. The same worry ate into them and with no one else to talk to, I would often eavesdrop on them being extremely worried about me. Slowly I gained back my strength and the headaches seemed to shorten their trips as well. The fact that came to the light was my utter lack of important nutrients that I missed with the daily chapatis and veggies, the ones I used to despise. But as compared to the several bouts of headaches, I gladly chose the tasteless veggies, for they helped me ward off the worry from my parent’s mind. The prospect of not welcoming an unwelcome guest can easily tempt one to do things they won’t imagine in their lives. As my headaches and fever slowly started to become less and less frequent, so did the worrisome talks about me starting to dwindle and I could have a sigh of relief at the thought that now at-least I won’t be the reason behind their worries. Often for parents, their children are the most prized possession of their lives, taking care of al their needs, providing them with  all kinds of facilities at their disposal, taking utmost care of them when they are sick, motivating them to do their best  and when this child on which they spend so many hours of love and care, falls sick or becomes a target of a disease, the whole atmosphere around the house changes and becomes this area of tension and questions. To help the parents not fall into this area of tension and to help the children carry on during the day healthily and provide them with extremely essential nutrients at the very start of the day, Dabur has this great product called the Chyawanprash. Poised with a number of herbs like Amla, which is scientifically known  to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi),which is  known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and more than 40 other natural ingredients this products makes sure that your child does not fall prey to the basic of diseases and not make you worry about the regular trips to the doctor.


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