Bring Back the Touch

Another morning has arrived at the doors, I lie here on my bed, Vishal next to me. The same old routine will begin again in a short while. Me cleaning the house, preparing the breakfast, while Vishal exercises and reads his morning paper. After breakfast, both of us get ready to go back to our respective offices. Coming back by 7, I prepare the dinner and wait for my dear husband to come back. Vishal comes around 8, we have dinner, discuss the events of the day. He watches TV, while I read away my assortment of books on my Kindle. Around 11, both of us go back to sleep, waiting for the dawn to come again and rescue us. Quoting Morgan Freeman:” Same old shit, different day” is what goes on and on in this house. A dreaded Sunday arrives. Vishal runs off to the market to buy some household goods, as I while away my time on television. That is when I saw the Parachute Advanced Body Lotion advertisement #BringBackTheTouch


Touching the spot, the advertisement left me in a deep sense of bewilderment as I remembered the brilliant and happy new days of our marriage when every moment with each other was a bliss and every moment apart from each other was a punishment. Determined to bring the good old days back into the marriage, I started to hunt for ideas for the same. Looking around the house, searching for ways, a bulb glowed on the top of my head.


Clearing out spaces in the living room, I moved the sofa and the tables around, emptied the whole area, let the wooden floor glisten. Enegy like never before appeared in me as I set up my iPod on the speakers and set up my jam in it. Vishal soon arrived. Confused at the looks of the living room, he inquired if I still had the small pieces of brain left in me? Ignoring the jibe, I took away the bags from him, kept them in the kitchen, came back and turned my jam on.


Grabbing his hands, putting them on my waist, I slowly started to move around the cleared space as Frank Sinatra sang to us. It was in that moment that I realized how much I had missed in the past 5 years of my life. The dance took me back to the days when randomly out of the blue Vishal would pick me up and started dancing to the craziest of songs. We knew what love was, we knew how to make each other feel special and in hat moment, when Vishal started to move his hands around me, I realized the power of touch and the way it brought back the long lost love in our story.


your impressions on the above impression.

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