The Great Indian Litterbug

AH!! Those were the days, Ramesh reminisced about the times when he could go and decorate the beautiful walls and sign the huge canvasses with his name without having to worry about the smart-phone clad, trigger happy people clicking away his pieces of art whilst brandishing them with absurd tags and captions on those stupid misery-spreading, non-stop hating, insecurity-fuelling websites. Perplexed, angry and sad and along with having to deal with these group, the new government was also launching campaigns left, right and centre banning his style of art. He had never thought that the public would be so stupid and yet so ignorant. How could they not look through all this hogwash and see the actual reason behind the campaign. The new head of the country and his right hand were sneaky, he had to give him that. Planning and launching elaborate campaigns to wake up the political party members from their snooze-fest and give them an excuse to find some media time on national television without having to do any of the actual work. All of this at the cost of his precious from of art. How could he let that happen? How could he just stand there and watch his hard work being termed nonsense and remain silent. Because of the stupid government, he now had to look around before starting to work on his mural. There were times when many painters from different backgrounds, different social structures played with different shades of white, yellow, red, maroon and brown among other colours come together and indulge in transforming this world into a better place wall-by-wall, bush by bush, corner by corner. But now his co-artists are going underground slowly. He now paints alone at the wall, decorates the area around the road with those beautiful plastic bags in solitary, watches the corner at the building walls painted only in the maroon red that comes out from his paan. But he will not be discouraged. Those pesky signs will never bother him. He will start a revolution against the perpetrators of his art, against those who try to ban his way of bringing about the renaissance in the modern age. How can this be termed vandalism? How can this be termed as filth, that people should remove from their hearts and clean? The famous unknown guy once truly said:” All the artists in their times are misunderstood.” It is after centuries that their work is again found and their actual contribution to the society is realized. Picasso was misunderstood in his times,so were Van Gogh and Rembrandt. That spitting which you people so disgustingly call my stroke is actually a very difficult maneuver and co-ordination between my teeth and tongue to exert the exact amount at the perfect angle so that is strikes along the corner in a way that makes the painting grow. What you call peeing in a bush is actually a way in which the liquid strikes the plant in a way that darken the colour around it in such a way that it also aids to the growth of the plant and also sets it apart from the other unique plants. He just goes on painting, waiting and waiting for his counterparts to show. Instead of the dozens that used to come, only 3-4 come now. Why is the world so unfair?, Ramesh pondered as he finished another one of his masterpieces on the big red wall. I will fight this injustice. I will fight this government which is dead-set against my campaign to make this world a place that has more art in it, a place that is beautiful in its own way. I will call myself the Great Indian Litterbug. I will do Dharna in the capital of the country. I will wear a muffler to let people know of my sorrows. I will start a twitter campaign #TheGreatIndianLitterBug. I will fight and I won’t back down, wrote Ramesh in his tweets, asking readers to tweet using the hashtag #TheGreatIndianLitterBug, to spread the awareness, to bring change. All of those who are reading this. Please go to Ramesh’s petition to allow people to paint this world and make it a vibrant-smelling, colourful place to live.


your impressions on the above impression.

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