A beginning. A tough decision.

Standing at the cross roads, waiting to cross the road, watching the same old people crossing the same Damn road at the same time everyday, the insanity of the life struck me. How maddening it is to be stuck in this wheel going round and round, following the same damn routine day in day out. It was then, at that moment when the life started to bug me. Before then it was all good, even enjoying it. The cubicle which I had transformed into my second home, now felt like a jail cell. I was regretting the sudden realization. Yes it was not the life I wanted for myself, but it was the one that paid bills. No it didn’t allow me to be independent, but it did give me a stability in life. Why was I even regretting it? Why did I suddenly start to hate what I think was loving? Why couldn’t I just be that guy crossing the road and moving towards the office with normal thoughts and move on with my day? Why did it have to happen to me only were the questions that frequented me.

But the idea kept nagging me, always going on and on in the back of my brain, making up dream sequences of how I was a successful writer, not the kind who published books, typing away my articles across the serene beach. The voice concocting such dreams were the reason behind my sleepless nights. Oh how I wished I was the guy in the dream.

Standing across the same cross road, I decided to start writing again, to calm the voices inside my head. No I had not left my job, but I did start to write again. Spent an hour or two everyday after office, reading, writing around 800-1000 words, editing, asking for opinions, working on criticisms, getting better slowly. It took me almost an year before I even dared to apply to write professionally. Slowly I started to get traction, writing for meagre rates at the start, writing articles, working away on content-management services. This continued on for more than six months. Building my reputation slowly, making connections, taking references. It was not until july 2014 that I finally started to make the money equivalent to that off my current job. Then I decided to leave my job and pursue the dream career more aggressively. Before leaving I could only spare an hour or two, but after leaving, I started writing full-time, and it was then that I felt that I was truly out of the cog. My after one year of constant writing for various companies has finally stabilised a lot and now I can finally visit a beach town and fulfil my dream.

Just like me, Housing.com has had a new beginning, a new start. Here’s a preview to that.


your impressions on the above impression.

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