Surf it up. Slow it down.

It is not a sport, it is a religion. Whenever someone talks of cricket, this statement is bound to come up to show the crazy love we have for this game where two guys hit a ball and the eleven from the opposite team are running behind it. Deserted roads, empty malls, huge crowd infront of the single tv shop showing the match, families and societies coming together to witness the epic rundown the Indian team will face or give to the other team. The hottest of all matches, the holy grail of cricket matches in the world is the India v/s Pakistan cricket match. Suddenly offices are flooded with sick leaves, one can feel the tension in the air right from the morning itself. Snacks and food items are stocked up. It is a crazy fiesta and the perfect excuse for the whole family/society to come together and savour the moments while Yuvraj blasts 6 sixes off of Stuart Broad or be in awe of Virat’s exquisite batting skills or watch the bowl being thrown beautifully by R Ashwin.

Cricket for Indians is everything, and we Indians take pride in taking things personally. Every match is a do or die situation, and we treat it as one. With the rapid influx of technology into our lives, we now don’t have to cower in front of the tv to watch the match. One can easily get score updates via the UCBrowser that has a dedicated app section for the cricket-maniac crowd of ours. With such information available to us at our tips, we can now enjoy both the cricket and our personal lives simultaneously without having to miss out on small moments of our lives.

Now we can go on that special date without having to worry about whether we’ll miss another double century by Rohit Sharma or a hat-trick or the next stupendous catch by dhoni. Information will be available to us no matter where we are. Technology is amazing, isn’t it.

With smartphone accesibility growing day by day and the rise of inexpensive and good quality phones flooding the market, almost everyone we know, now has a smartphone which they use to stay connected to the world. With this influx, a major problem can also be seen making its way,the decrease in the physical interactions and conversations. We are ready to talk to someone who is sitting far away and not the one sitting right across from one. Although they have made our lives significantly easier, but a line also has to be drawn for its usage and the conditions where it is supposed to be used.

Combine the two issues of maniac-cricket love and boundary-less smartphone use, it gets really tough to figure out how to keep in touch with the surroundings as well as the latest cricket update. 

For me cricket has always been a soft corner, but the need for proper social interactions also draws me, do I try to reduce my smartphone usage when in groups, only pulling it out once or twice to keep myself updated and UC Browser helps me do that quickly because of its dedicated cricket section. This way I get the best of both world’s.


A Diet that goes a long way

The time had arrived, for coats to be hanged, sweaters to be wrapped up, jackets to be kept away till the cold, dark days of winter come rushing to us again. The time has also come to start working towards the extra amounts we have gained whilst cozying with the blanket and eating dollops of sweets and savouring the taste of hot chocolates. It was time for the mirror’s harsh realities to reflect back upon us as we prepare for shorter and freer clothes to escape the sweltering heat. Along with the longer nights and shorter days, the unhealthy mess we made ourselves to be also have to go. For staying fit and healthy is what allows us to function better as a human being and motivates to reach for that extra mile that often separates us from the pack. It has also been proved that a healthy human being leads a life that is more joyful, energetic and cheerful as compared to the ones who are often seen sitting on the couch, the ones who start panting heavily to reach the door for the pizza they ordered and the likes of them. A belly that promptly leads us has to go and it has to go quickly for the summer is here and one can easily achieve that with a basic crash diet and a little bit of exercise during the day to keep those muscles moving and fats burning. A healthy and nutritious diet not only has a positive physical effect on your body but it also tends to have a positive effect on your mental as well emotional being. A little bit of Dabur Honey every day does indeed works its wonders for you definitely feel a different kind of pulse radiate through your body, a positive one at that.

Balanced diet is something that he wave been learning/studying about since our school days. The ole science lectures where our teachers rambled on and on about the importance of a balanced diet and the advantages of the same on a human body while we babbled away our lives to our friends. But the lessons our teachers taught are still very much applicable in our real lives and play quite an important role in how we treat our body. A healthy and balanced diet not only gives you an emotional edge but keeps also keeps away ailments and diseases. Such kind of diet, although is very difficult to maintain in times when cheap fast foods which look and taste heavenly, but also are a quick way to fill our stomachs on the move which can be a little challenging with a complete balanced diet, but if one keeps himself/herself strong a balanced diet goes a long way in terms of physical and emotional health.