Small – Prompt 84 – A Week For Writing

The envelope was in her hands, 4 years of slogging had finally paved the way for her to move ahead in life. Recalling the last few months, emotions in turmoil, with each passing day, thoughts kept gnawing her from inside. Consoling self, something will turn up tomorrow, it’ll be a better day tomorrow, she kept herself at bay. She did not have to worry about all those things anymore. She had a job at-last. Although not in the industry she wanted to be in, but something was better than nothing. At the very least she’ll be able to show her face to her family and friends. It might be small for everybody else, but it was big for her.

Celebration was coming next, she thought. It was natural, wasn’t it? She wanted to shout at the top of the world, A JOB!! FINALLY!! She wanted to tell all her friends, talk to her sister about the company, what she’ll be doing at the company. Telling her father the details of the salary and asking how should she move forward. Asking her mother to cook her favourite sweet when she came back home this winter. Happiness galore!! Yet there was something amiss, she did not feel content as one should be. She did not feel as happy as she should be.  “What is wrong with me?!???” –she wondered. He has been gone for years now, every attempt at contacting him has been futile. He doesn’t want me in his life, yet why do I want to talk only to him about everything. Long telephone hours came rushing back to her, the conversations they had, keeping everything under the wraps from their parents. It was another high. But today, everything seemed meaningless. She only wanted him to know, wanted to hear his comforting voice, the way he’d reassure her of things. Only if that accident hadn’t had happened!