She must have said it a hundred times. Repeated the words out loud for the world to hear, for him to hear somehow. A journey that halted so abruptly, stealing the stars from her eyes and turning them into ashes. All she could do was watch the hazy sun go down on her.

What was years ago seemed only like yesterday. They first met in the park near the house. Curious little children of 10 and 12, looking to play a game of catch with someone. She fondly remembered the game as another shot of bitter Vodka went down her throat. The game that started everything.

Turning the laptop on, she went through his facebook profile. Messages saying how everybody missed him and how he was too young kept flooding by. She kept on scrolling. A post by his ex, a post by his best-friend’s gf, a post by his high-school teacher. Everyone loved him.

She remembered the last time they met. He was giving a treat. A new promotion and a new office in his current company. They got very drunk very fast. But hey!! It was on him.The bartender was courteous enough to call a cab. She passed out on his floor that night. It was only yesterday.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Another shot of vodka, another silent minute passes by. She closed her laptop. A silver knife shone from the lamp’s light. A thought crossed her drunken mind. Grabbing the knife, she went to the mirror and looked at her self. Smudged mascara painted itself on the face as her tears kept on racing towards the bottom.

It’s not like anybody would even care, she said. 7 billion people in the world, one went away today, another will go tonight. The clocks will still tick, the sun will still go up, people will keep on doing their jobs and the earth will still rotate.

The shiny edge, Oh so beautiful!

A deep breath she sighed

A journey she decided to take

Her friend, she could miss not

A friendship

the planet could not afford

found its place in the clouds.

The silver met pink

crimson spread

and a soul was free again.