I go crunch crunch on those fallen leaves

as I walk along the golden path,

the Cool wind caresses my heart.

Serenading along the beauty

of the nature, I sit and contemplate.

So inspiring and yet so subtle.

The past gets blown away

as the world walks into a new way

filled with unlimited emotions and pleasures.





Pricking the back of my throat

These thoughts begin to hurt

the constant fear

of being left alone.

Spiking up my beat

Like a flare of heat

these thoughts burn

my body down.

The scariness weighs me down

No details specific

just the vague senses

of plagued decisions.

I am not even sure

why I took them

But now I regret them

feeling insecure along

the way.



They fight all night

too afraid to lose the might

all they did was shout and shout

till the other bailed out.

They never stopped to wonder

about the facts that led them

to take out the worst in the other

to violate all the rules they had set

to forget about the feeling when they had met

were they travelling on the right path

or were they lost somewhere in the dark?

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Through my spectacles,

I try to see the world

bereft of greedy pleasures.

Through these glasses

I try to avoid the pain and suffering

dwelling the planet and it’s people.

Through these spectacles

I try to find

happiness and the gleam

sparkling in eyes.

Through these spectacles

I try to find

a better Earth.

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