of empty souls and broken chords

a thousand words she yelled,

from the silence of her thoughts

the echo carried on

across the wild in those greenish eyes.

aloof from this world

she lay quiet in her dreams

unable to control

the turmoil within

ripping the pages apart

 the ones of her destiny

she started on a road,

barren; and plain

afar from this disorder

spiriting through her sides,

to a land

accepting of her fantasies.

her journey they all saw

unhappy and torn

fighting an opponent

powered by her soul

she crashed hard,

the world cried foul,

till a bigger tragedy

came home like a tawney owl.



In darkness she bared
secrets he forced to share
Of wild imaginations
And uncanny resemblances
He could find in the air.

Afraid yet smiling
Among growing consciousness
The hands he held
Trembling yet firm
they did comply.

Counting the moments,
and the clocks tick
she waited for the end
of this night.
Maybe she’ll remember it again
and call it just a bad dream.

Years went by,
The night never left her
An image she received
an anonymous mail
reminding the darkness
In the brightness of her life.

She wondered
words society would say
In the light of events that may
Clocks ticked by,
The chair lost not her grip
The way was clear.
Silver glistened across the table,
The crimson liquid stole away the shine
The world reported it as a fable.

Set them free.

Amidst  the black and white

soaring across the sky of fright

wishing of being a friend

instead of a foe,

she goes to pick up her next Joe.

Following silence with darkness

she gazes at the azure starkness

Bold yet beautiful

calm yet terrifying

she carries what she likes not

as the heavens notice what she brought

A sigh passes her shadow

yet another soul is hollow

what is she to do,

to whom she must go

for sharing the troubles

like the countless others

who she escorted to the sky.

Liked by rare

her eye blinks a tear.

How is she supposed to explain the fools

that, she, death is what will set them free.

Such is life, such is love.

Blowing along

the morose winds

these thoughts

of mine

make me complete.

As I lay

under the scattered stars

beneath the nightlight

the sparse images of her

wander along

the back of my heart.

Strange this

impulsive nature of us


makes us cry for happy times

and stupid for the sad times.

But such is life, such is love

She is my life

I am not her love.


hifrom across the road

his eyes catch another.

a working man

an innocent boy.

Big bright eyes

staring into the soul

looking  for hope.

violated, the man feels

to look back

for from a million faces

they catch

the most vulnerable

facet, it seems.

It seems

his feelings


and the truth

lay barren

in the space.

It seems

his innocence

cannot fathom

There are things we kept secret

after life

for today he knows

only to smile

to dream

without inhibitions

to play in puddles

without worry

to smile

without masks.


कहने को तोह बहुत था
पर लफ्ज़  ना निकले
आन्कोहं से बोलने की कोशिश  बहुत  की 
लेकिन यह आँखें भी नम रह गयी

Make a Wish

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 40; the fortieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is “MAKE A WISH”

Make a wish, they said.

To have true friends, I said.

You don’t have friends they asked?

I do have friends, I said.

What’s wrong with them they asked?

One is fickle, one has forgotten

one just simply doesn’t care

the other has found new ones

some don’t want to talk

some don’t want to meet

some just don’t think it’s worth the time, I said.

So the only wish I make, is to have a friend

who wants to,

talk to me

hangout with me

care about me

and means the world to me

and then they just stood there quietly.

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