The first or The last

Her long auburn hair played with the wind as she glanced anxiously at the watch, 17:57 it displayed. One could see the sun setting all the way down the road, but the bus supposed to be at 17:50 was nowhere to be seen. The bus had to be late today only, she thought aloud.

“I’ll just wait for a few more minutes”, he said to the waiter for the fifth time, trying not to look directly into his eyes. Sitting here for the past half a hour, he dreaded asking himself, had he been stood up?

The old machine finally turned round the corner, creeping up slowly to the bus stop. Driver passed a toothless smile and she got on. Only 40 minutes, looking again at the watch, he won’t mind me being 20 minutes late, she comforted herself. And the bus along with her hopes moved.

It was enough, he angrily mumbled to himself, getting up to leave the cafe, just as he saw her entering the cafe. Her red hair shining, curls frolicking around her head as she walked. Supporting himself with the handles of the seat, he slowly sank into it.

That must be him. Fidgeting with her hair, she nervously walked towards the table he was sitting on, debating whether to start with an apology or with a greeting. “Sorry for being this late,” she apologized, his stern eyes, were not something she could look directly into.

It’s fine, he made an attempt to comfort her out of her uneasiness, as she took off her scarf, then proceeded to remove her sunglasses, after which she removed the purse slinging from her arm onto the chair next to hers. Bemused, even in these times he couldn’t help but smile, wondering how much can a single woman carry.

Let’s make this quick, she said, trying not to look at him. Here are the divorce papers, I have signed my part, only you have to sign, and then you’ll be free to pursue your own path and I, mine.



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So let us dance, me and you

beneath this canopy of blue.

Let us walk down these bustling roads

far away from our humble abode.

Let us then talk beneath the fiery shadow of the sun

against the heart of a loved one.

Of all the things that we have seen,

the adjectives of which, umpteen

Let us remember the stories we told

childlike and bold

Let us dance, me and you
for you know it too

the dusk that waits

or the dawn that never comes
stuck in this land of memories
bittersweet like chocolate, which are
trying to forget one, throw it afar.

Let us then sleep, you and me
till the voices inside make us drown.



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Down the nostalgia road

It was the last working day of our school lives. Panic was running high among students for it was the final boards physics practical. Running helter skelter to touch up those last changes in the journals, we were all geared up and ready to finish the practical quickly and then sit and reminisce the 10 years of schooling we went through in those few years.

The bell rang and we arranged ourselves in our cosy little classroom, everyone sitting in their groups, waiting for the teacher to arrive. The January chill casually reminding us of al the Christmas parties that we celebrated each year before the winter holidays began. Everyone was going through the journals, trying to cram the last few words they could into those tiny little brains and then the teacher walks in, snapping everyone into the present.

Slowly the practicals got over, and there we were, like a free bird, ready to walk down the nostalgia road, soaking up all the little things about this wonderful place and making sure that we would never let this damn place get out of our hearts.

Everybody has their own special place in the school, their own “adda”, which provides their group a place to have fun, have those endless conversations about nothing, and so we visited our adda. Just sitting there and realizing that this would actually be the last time we would collectively as a group hang out made the moment more real than it could possibly be. The wind calmly blowing through the place and all of us just silently sitting their, moving back in time, remembering every single one of those little stories that made us all laugh out loud or made us cry. At that moment, even the most boring conversations were valuable for no one would come back here again. Marking the place our own, we moved to the other places in side the school, coming up with stories that made the place stand out, erupting in laughter at the time when the pants of one of my friend ripped out open in the field or the times when our “BADASS” mode was turned on and we brought our cellphones into the schools. Slowly, we moved around the whole place, spending a little time here, a bit more time there. It was a beautiful mess, our school, and we couldn’t be happier yet sad of the fact that we were living this place to be adults, at that moments, none of us wanted to leave and everyone wished that they could be there for a bit longer.

Whenever someone talks to me about the most memorable day of the school or the day that gives me strength and the motivation as well as optimism to look up to a better tomorrow, it will be my last working day at school.

I did attach some of my pictures from that day here: 404912_2970001401418_534736919_n





Just like the way has revamped itself to look up to a better tomorrow, even I look upto a better tomorrow by taking a trip down the nostalgia road.

A beginning. A tough decision.

Standing at the cross roads, waiting to cross the road, watching the same old people crossing the same Damn road at the same time everyday, the insanity of the life struck me. How maddening it is to be stuck in this wheel going round and round, following the same damn routine day in day out. It was then, at that moment when the life started to bug me. Before then it was all good, even enjoying it. The cubicle which I had transformed into my second home, now felt like a jail cell. I was regretting the sudden realization. Yes it was not the life I wanted for myself, but it was the one that paid bills. No it didn’t allow me to be independent, but it did give me a stability in life. Why was I even regretting it? Why did I suddenly start to hate what I think was loving? Why couldn’t I just be that guy crossing the road and moving towards the office with normal thoughts and move on with my day? Why did it have to happen to me only were the questions that frequented me.

But the idea kept nagging me, always going on and on in the back of my brain, making up dream sequences of how I was a successful writer, not the kind who published books, typing away my articles across the serene beach. The voice concocting such dreams were the reason behind my sleepless nights. Oh how I wished I was the guy in the dream.

Standing across the same cross road, I decided to start writing again, to calm the voices inside my head. No I had not left my job, but I did start to write again. Spent an hour or two everyday after office, reading, writing around 800-1000 words, editing, asking for opinions, working on criticisms, getting better slowly. It took me almost an year before I even dared to apply to write professionally. Slowly I started to get traction, writing for meagre rates at the start, writing articles, working away on content-management services. This continued on for more than six months. Building my reputation slowly, making connections, taking references. It was not until july 2014 that I finally started to make the money equivalent to that off my current job. Then I decided to leave my job and pursue the dream career more aggressively. Before leaving I could only spare an hour or two, but after leaving, I started writing full-time, and it was then that I felt that I was truly out of the cog. My after one year of constant writing for various companies has finally stabilised a lot and now I can finally visit a beach town and fulfil my dream.

Just like me, has had a new beginning, a new start. Here’s a preview to that.

The Great Fest


Oh what a boring clichéd phrase to start a post that is supposed to contain ideas and tips and tricks on Remaking the World, a post that is supposed to inspire its readers, to enlighten them and make a fluorescent bulb glow on top of their heads signifying the Billion Dollar idea inside their brain that has the potential to wipe out all the misery from the earth, and yet I start off with no innovative comments whatsoever. But yes, History does repeat itself, with glorified metaphors and overwhelming coincidences.

The question asked was:

What if you became the Creator who could build a new world the way you want?

Excuse me, but that sounds a lot like the questions that were asked when we were students, when the teacher needed some peace and quiet, asked her students to write an essay on “If I was the President/Prime Minister of our country, I would…” 

The question asks of ideas, ways and different methods that is supposed to ignite in its readers, a flame that will cure the earth of all its misfortunes and so I request all of you currently reading my post to keep a working a fire extinguisher alongside you.

Remaking the world, sounds like an awfully big and tough job, but there is something that is fundamentally wrong with the question being asked as well? “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” This expectation of us, the true-born citizens and heir of the beautiful planet Earth, that there is a someone else who will take care of the problem, even though, I know, if I contribute even a little bit to the task, it would make a big difference, but well, I am lazy and that person will definitely do it mentality adds to our woes. For example, People want the government to boost up the methods and procedures and bring in laws to clean the country, but nobody wants to walk a few extra steps to the bin. I have witnessed so many people who’ll maintain themselves and be all civil at the airport, but as soon as they step out, I don’t know what kind of wave hits them and suddenly trash just starts to flow out of their hands and goes everywhere except the trash can. Every citizen wants the government to wipe out corruption from the very soul of the nation, but nobody will mind bribing someone when it will benefit them. Somehow corruption becomes a problem only when it is not in their favor. There are things that are wrong at the grass-root levels, and no matter who comes in power and becomes the next Prime Minister or the President, change will happen only if the people are actually willing to change themselves. Government can only do so much, unless it is the citizens who act. In my world, people would actually act for the things they want instead of begging and blaming the government because they couldn’t find the damn TV remote.

In this age, where we gobble up more information than our pansy brains can accommodate and with the influx of technology and us being on-the-line for almost 24 hours a day, there are only a few things that we don’t outrage about. Oh my God, Maria Sharapova does not know who Sachin Tendulkar, the god of this country is, we must abuse and threaten her until she apologizes to us. Holy crap, this particular brand of newspaper only showed us one side of the story and did not publish the complete details of the story, we must totally side by them because whatever they say, is definitely the truth without researching for ourselves. Damn, this random person on the internet totally just shared his views and they do not appear to be aligning with the views I have, he must be thrown into the jail for being an anti-religious person. With our short attention spans and without the patience to research everything before we air our views along with zero tolerance for other’s opinions and views, it is only a matter of time before this implodes in our face. In my world it would be fine to not know a famous player, not get trashed for not believing in God, even though it does not align with your thinking of God and that opinions would be respected. 

One of the many things that has always plagued our country and will continue to do so is CULTURE. People have this weird notion of culture inside of their heads and if a sound reasoning is provided against a cultural practice that has been followed around for centuries, it messes with their head and the outrage starts to flow. Today, homosexuals are hated upon in our society citing the Culture excuse, rights are being denied citing the culture excuse, in our country even hanging out as a young couple is looked down upon as an abomination to the culture even though one of their most powerful gods had a gf. It is the constant hypocrisy battles that we fight amongst ourselves is what is fuelling our constant dislike towards the others. In my world, hypocrisy would cease to exist. 

I can go on and on, but I can see the smoke coming our of your chest, and i think the flame has been ignited. The only thing that I have to say is that, before we blame other human beings, our luck, the kind of situation we are in, it would be a lot better if we were to introspect, look at ourselves before we start despising others to mask the things we do wrong or don’t understand. And if we were to begin this introspection right away rather than procrastinating, it would do us a hell of good and REMAKE THE WORLD. 

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.


Befikar Umar Bhar

You know there are times when suddenly your mind goes into the stupid and idiotic mode in which thoughts about the future hound you, leaving you distressed and angry with your self completely ruining the thing hat you currently are doing. What makes it even more irritating is that it can happen anytime, I am enjoying my sleep and KABOOM!!! You are a nobody, while driving to college and BOOM goes the head, Look at your friends, all scoring nicely and have solid plans about the future and look at you, FAILURE. I can go on and on about this, but you get the drift. How awesome would it be if we could be Befikar Umar BharLike no worries about anything, you can sleep all day, complete the House of Cards season 3 that is going to uploaded soon in a day or two, jump off a cliff only to come back and enjoy the thrill of it again.

I was going through the TV other day and seeing the kind of advertisements that have lately started to come up, I don’t know who is actually sanctioning off the paychecks on those adverts, but, BUT this one advertisement of IDBI Federal Life Insurance made a lasting impression. Kudos to the team that created it. Here it is

Seeing this beautiful video, I decided to make a list of things  if I was Befikar Umar Bhar, they are: 

1) Watch the Northern Lights from either Norway or Canada:

You know what I am talking about. A Shade of green across the black backdrop of the night sky with stars blinking and me lying on the snow just trying to take in all the beauty that the lights would cast. This has been on my list since 6th grade, ever since I saw a documentary about them on Discovery.

2) Bungee jump or Base jump from a very tall structure. :

I saw a video of a friend who bungee jumped from the Macau Tower, touted the tallest bungee jump in the world. He edited the video and put in a great background track, how gorgeous and inspiring the video looked. Also since I have mild vertigo issues, it would be lovely to get over those.

3) Road trip along the beautiful roads of Eastern Europe.:

Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the list goes on. Not much touristy places, but oh so beautiful. Almost as if they have rarely been explored. A road trip along these countries would make life successful for me.

4) Get a tattoo of the world and all its countries and fill them with different colors after visiting them. :

Wasting time on the Interweb gives a lot of cool ideas that slowly end up increasing the bucket list of mine. But this one I saw on Pinterest almost a year back made it to the top 5 instantly.

5) Get a Book published.

I sometimes liberally call myself a blogger(the audacity of me). But yes, one fine day, I definitely would love to see my nam on the stands of a bookstore and seeing a book that is actually completely written by me. Let’s see when that happens.

Anyway, we will see when this happens. But these were the top 5 things on my bucket list, if I was Befikar Umar bhar

Get.Set.Bolt with BlogAdda and Tata Motors

How often has a 20-something guy who is still in college walked into a mall, witnessed a promotional event for a car, saw the car from afar and went away on his own business? Almost all of the times I suppose. This is true for me atleast. I am a guy who is an introvert to the bare bones of my body and interacting with people isn’t something that is high on my list. Hell, up until a few years back, I couldn’t ask for an extra packet of ketchup from the counter at McDonald’s, talk about voluntarily going up to a guy who is there for a promotion of a fancy car, that too on the microphone and people from three floors above are craning their necks to find out the reason behind all the noise blaring out from the speakers. Well hey, that’s me. Nice to know you all.

Anyway, so this activity blinked across a mail from BlogAdda, about the Get.Set.Bolt from Tata Motors in association with BlogAdda. Well, any event or activity from BlogAdda is just a blast to attend and write about. The last thing I wrote for them was about the Tata Literature Festival  that was organised in Mumbai in November 2014, and le me tell you, those were the 4 best days of the year and the highlight of the year as well. I just couldn’t thank them enough for that. Plus I also got to win a 1000 bucks worth of Landmark Voucher . Yay Books. Anyway, getting back to the current Get.Set.Bolt activity from Tata Motors.

This event was one of the most brilliant piece of activity that i had ever seen from the BlogAdda team. Kudos to you guys and Kudos to the Tata team as well. An event in which the winner gets a car. An event in which 20 of the best bloggers who participate in Get. Set. Bolt. will get a chance to take part in an exclusive BOLT drive in 3 different cities. An event in which every fresh blog entry gets a voucher worth Rs 1000 bucks. Well that is like three levels on top the cool meter than the coolest lightsaber that I have ever come across on any website that sells it.
So seeing he mail about this event, I quickly signed up, hoping to write the most glorious article that has ever witnessed my blog, where rainbows are coming out the mouth of unicorns, the flowers are blooming all around a six lane road, on which a red colored Bolt moves so effortlessly that it does not even make sound, just like in real life and the you would be shining and birds would be chirping. The blogadda and Tata motors would fall in love with my blogpost and award me the car. Day dreaming is a pretty good way to while around your time in a lecture at college. So there I was, refreshing my mail, hoping to see if the confirmation mail had arrived for me. Whether I was being selected to have a Bolt experience or not.  And I finally got one. So I hopped on to the blogadda site to see when the Bolt team was bringing their flashing new car to my glorious city of Ahmedabad, and it was right before Uttrayan. What a time!!!

Gujaratis basically love to indulge in three things, and no one in the world can beat them at that, first one is to eat, food is every gujju’s first love. The second one is Garba, the nine holy nights of Navratri are overflowing with color, energy and music and so much fervour, you often get lost in the awesomeness and the third is Uttrayan, the 14h of January is the day when every Gujarati with their whole family, neighbours, arsenal of food and refreshments and loud music are flying kites and busy indulging in Kite Wars. Around this time, the International Kite Festival is also held. So I decided to hit two birds with one stone. Will visit the Kite festival and also get to visit the Bolt Arena at the most buzzing mall in the town, Alpha One in Vastrapur area.

So there I was building up my courage to go talk to the Bolt representative and let him explain to me how awesome the Bolt was and show me how brilliant were its features and how great the car was. Finally, I said enough and just walked to the guy who looked the most friendliest amongst the crew and asked him to explain the features of the car to me. Extremely cordial, funny and attentive, the guy really knew the car inside out and explained to me all the features that set the car apart from its competitors. I am going to list out a few for you guys here:

1) Looks: The car looks so much gorgeous and shows off elegance, and the with the red color on top, it gives off this amazing vibe of a little bit of sportiness that compels you to turn your head around if you see this car on the road. The headlights fit perfectly along the lines of the body and make sure that they aren’t neither bulging or too much inside and looks like a premium sedan from the front. The same goes with the actual length, since this is a hatchback, you would expect a a very steep ending to the back like in most of the hatchback cars, however, this does not happen with The Bolt. The end is very curvy and slides off into the boot very comfortably without giving away any sharp ending to the car and maintaining the aerodynamics of the car as well.  Frankly, to a college guy such as, this would be the ideal first car, perfect for city driving and also for a roadtrip to the nearest city with friends.

2) MediaCar comes with a Harmon entertainment and infotainment system. The guys behind JBL are powering the media system in this car. Does it get any better than this? The inclusion of MapMyIndia along with the super advanced voice recognition system means that you can still attend to those calls or messages without any harm being done to your driving. And on top of that, the whole thing is touch-screen. Easier to use and super effective.

3) Spacing: One thing that people generally complain about in a hatchback is the lack of space for the people in the rear seats as well as low boot space. Well, when I was visiting the Bolt Arena in the mall, I could easily stretch my legs, considering the fact that I am quite tall and my head does’t fit very comfortably in most of the hatchbacks. 5-6 people could easily fit into this car and go off for a long long drive before anybody complains, and even if someone complains, it would not be about the space, that I can foresee. Also huge in this car is the amount of Boot-space the engineers from Tata Motors have provided into this magnificent car, a whopping 210 litres. So much stuff can be filled into the car and still it wil be asking for more.

4) Engine: Sporting a 1.2 litre Revotron engine with 4 cylinder 1193cc that provides over 140Nm of torque at around 1500-4000 RPM, with a kerb weight of around 1095-1125 kgs and a generous ground clearance of 165 mm, this car can zip through the roads at quick speeds, make incredulous turns and cuts, turn parking into a job that even women drivers can accomplish and so much more at an extremely decent mileage of 23 kmpl.

5) Multi Drive functionality: Okay, this one was amazing, atleast for me. I have rarely seen any of the hatchbacks come with different kinds of drive functionality embedded into them. Tata Bolt has three of them fitted inside, the Sport, Eco and City. The sport mode provides for the aggressive and energetic driver in you and this is when the car gives the wheels the full power under its hood. The Eco provides the most efficient mileage to the car and tries to maintain the mileage as high as it can and the City mode deals with the constant brakes and acceleration and tunes the car accordingly so that any of the car parts don’t get too much heat from the city drive. This would really help a guy enjoy the driving among highways and also appreciate driving in the city without worrying too much about the car.

All in all, a brilliant car for an exceptional price tag of 4.4-7.0 lakhs, Tata Bolt has tremendous potential among the youth such as me and also to the various families looking for new cars around this price range.The engineers at Tata Motors would be having loads of parties line up for all the employees because of the immense hit this is going to be.  It doesn’t get better than this. I wish I could drive this one at the Alpha One mall itself, but alas, that wasn’t an option. I would have bought this thing on the spot if I had the money with me, but being a college student has left me with a perpetual state of being broke. Well enjoy you guys, this was my experience with the super duper awesome Bolt experience at Get.Set.Bolt event with Tata Motors and BlogAdda. I have attached my pictures of me trying to interact with the car and the team here. Please do have a look a them.

Admiring the Bolt
Selfie with Bolt and a friend.
Listening intently to the guy


Additional pic from the International Kite festival for you all.
International Kite Festival pic from the same day.

Plus I also got a photo with a AR generated Narain Karthikeyanshot1_128_11-01-15Well, this is all from my end. Hope to see you guys soon. Keep reading. Keep writing.  I thank BlogAdda as well as Tata Motors for this brilliant opportunity and wish all the luck to them.

This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”