Sep 30 Haiku- Free

Empty, my mind

Captured, my heart

Free, my soul.


Sudden shine

hands cover the eyes

finally free.


The known Unknown

My entry for the Indifiction Workshop. The plot of the story was given by The Fool, writer at Lucifer House Inc. The story can be found here.

“God damn Skrillex. What the hell are you doing? The slayer is right in front of you, can’t you see it. Play carefully, or I will ask Dragon Slayer101 to kick you out of the warriors.”  shouted Meghana a.k.a Princess Butcher.

Meghana was a player of World of the Ancients, a  Massive multi player online role playing game. Maggi by her side, dressed up in shorts and a loose t-shirt she sat in front of her xbox and slayed and played the game non-stop after returning from Platina International, her workplace. She was a Level 89 Princess, and a pretty arrogant one at that. Her life basically consisted of her office, her xbox and her World of the Ancients. Sometimes the virtual life almost became a reality for her and she could be seen trying to take out her sword in times of reflex. Well, let’s just say, virtual life played too much of a part in her life. In reality she was a beautiful 26 year old, an MBA grad from a top-notch B-school, yet still unmarried. She prides herself in the amazing strategic thinking she has and the amount of power she holds at the office. After all she is the Vice President of Platina. Her only talkative companion in office apart from her bosses is Arup, a senior IT technician, who unfortunately had to discontinue his studies due to family stuff, and thus somehow after corresponding his degree, he landed a job at Platina. Though Meghana talks to Arup, she only consults him for his IT expertise and not on a friendly basis.
Dragon Slayer101-“Good job Princess Butcher for having my back there, I almost got killed by the enchanted bunnies”
Princess Butcher-“My pleasure Dragon Slayer101. It is always great fun to cut-throat these bitches whenever you are around, the other clan people don’t really play as good as you.”
Dragon Slayer101-“That is an overstatement Princess, I am sure they also play well.”
Princess Butcher-“Well, not as good as you.”
Dragon Slayer101-“That is why I am the clan leader, ain’t I? ;)”
Princess Butcher– “See, I never go wrong. ;)”
Dragon Slayer101-“Anyway, I better leave now. Got loads of stuff to complete for my maniac boss. It’s always nice playing with you. Tomorrow at 7, meet me at the Sahara Deserts. The castle has to be owned. Bye”
Princess Butcher-“Bye Dragon Slayer101”
As soon as Dragon Slayer101 signed off, Meghana signed off too. Dragon Slayer101’s playing skills, his leadership qualities, his way of finding out quick alternatives to demanding situations really attracted him. She always wished she had someone like him in her life. She had always been a lonely girl, with very few friends whom she could trust completely. Well, all she could wish for is that the next day could be better than today. And thus she turned her PC off and went to bed.
Arup, please come immediately to my room, I need you to fix up these server issues, we have been having lately, spoke Meghana.
Arup– Yes Ma’am.
Meghana– See this. The Dell Xenon has not been responding since last two days, and it is now really screwing up with the office work.
Arup– I will see to it today ma’am, and will make sure that the issue gets fixed by tomorrow.
Meghana– You better.
Princess Butcher– “Woahh. That was some pretty good way to deal with the guards of the castle there, Slayer. Great work indeed.”
Dragon Slayer101-“Well, all it requires is how you adapt to situations. Plus, I waste a lot of time here. That is how I became the Strider.”
Princess Butcher-“LoL, truly said Dragon Slayer101. Didn’t your mean boss give you homework today?
Dragon Slayer101-“Don’t talk about her. She is a big pain in the ass. I have to completely dismantle a server, and fix it. It’s gonna take me a whole night. But World of the Ancients is important. Otherwise, how will I save you from the dragons. :P.”
Princess Butcher-“Ohh!! Puhlease!!- I can slay dragons effectively. You only complimented me the other day. :P”
Dragon Slayer101-“LoL, we will see.”
Princess Butcher-“Yes we will Dragon slayer, we will.”
Dragon Slayer101-“Btw, where do you stay Princess?”
Princess Butcher-“Me? Ohh, I stay in Mumbai. Juhu area, to be specific.”
Dragon Slayer101-“What? And you are telling me this now? I live in Mumbai to. I live at Central though. But still, you never told me. This is not fair.”
Princess Butcher-“Hawww!! You never asked me. How will I know that you are also in Mumbai.”
Dragon Slayer101-“Well, now you know na. :P.”
Princess Butcher-“Yeah, I do. Btw, give me your number no. I shall call you up sometime and then we can meet.”
Dragon Slayer101-“Sure, here, 9900990099, Do ring me up. :)”
Princess Butcher-“Sure”.
As she punched in Dragon Slayer’s number into her phone, her phone showed that it was already saved in her cell by the name of Arup. Confusion took over her, and she was left mind-boggled. To confirm her state of mind, she chatted:
Princess Butcher-“Dragon Slayer101, where do you work?”
Dragon Slayer101-“Me, I work as a senior IT technician at Platina International. Why?”
Princess Butcher-“Ohh!! Great. Nothing, just like that. Anyway, I gotta run, tc, byee.”
Mind-bogglin as it was, she still could not believe that THE DRAGON SLAYER was Arup. A simple down-to-earth guy who just kept up to his tasks and was an introvert. The amazing leadership skills and the mind strategies Dragon Slayer101 was using were actually his. Holy Mother of God. I think I have to change my perception of people an not judge them by their academic backgrounds or their level at the office. I think I need to improve.