Not knowing who you are

You many never read this, or you

but you’ll never know

who wrote it, you may

but you’ll never know

that I was next to you every day,

there you stood, everyday

feeding my hopeless desires,

in shades of colours,

my dreams never saw before.

there you smiled,

sending me into frenzy,

absorbing all the world had to offer,

with those blue-green eyes.

there I stood,

across the corner of the stop

coaxing myself

to talk to you,

introduce myself,

yet, never did I do so.

watching silently,

falling in love,

daily, incomprehensibly

knowing not even your name,

that smile was enough I guess.

This was a result of a prompt from /r/WritingPrompts subreddit at

The prompt was posted by /u/ZombieHunter357 and can be found here.


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